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Before Wonder Woman: 20 Sizzling Pics Of Young Gal Gadot

As she continues to become a major international superstar, it's important to look back and reflect on Gal Gadot before she was Wonder Woman.

There are two types of women on this planet, Gal Gadot and everyone else. Gal has had one of those lives that usually wind up as a movie. It began when her grandfather survived being imprisoned during World War II. His survival ensured that the rest of the world would one day get to meet the 2004 Miss Israel.

Not only was she named Miss Israel in 2004, she was only 18 years old at the time and even went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant the same year. She would then leave the spotlight to perform her mandatory two-year military service that is required of all Israelis. She would return to eventually become Wonder Woman.

As she continues to become a major international superstar, we can’t help but think of a time when she was not very popular and hardly noticed. So let’s take a look at the earlier stages of her career and how it looked for the beautiful Gal Gadot.

20 Another Magazine Cover Shoot

Before Gal Gadot was cast to be Wonder Woman, she was in the running for other roles including one from DC Comics rival studio, Marvel. She was rumored to have been in the running for Nebula of the first Guardians of the Galaxy but lost out to Karen Gillan.

We can all agree that it was for the best as Gal would become the best Wonder Woman yet.

19 Gal’s Pretty Perfect

With such a long list of accomplishments, what is left for Gal Gadot to do?

Apparently, she is also interested in doing a musical one day, which is not very shocking after she showed off her pipes in Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. Not many people even believed that was really her voice, but it was and she would love to do it again.

18 Maxim Introduced Her To The World

Almost a decade ago, Gal Gadot was featured in a Maxim magazine photoshoot where she was able to show off her brains, and not just her body. The interview is the one thing that can make or break a fresh face in modeling and she was perfect.

The list of photoshoots she has since worked on is longer than the number of people named Elvis in Memphis (P.S. It’s a lot).

17 Remember That Time On The Beach?

Besides already being your new favorite person in the world, we think it is time to expose her true awesomeness. She loves to do her own stunts and has spoken out about doing all of her own stunts in the Fast & Furious films.

Instead of complaining, Gal was begging the director to let her do even more. They would have let her if she was not the star of the film.

16 Shirts On, Sleeves Optional

As you probably have heard by now, when Gal Gadot auditioned for Batman v Superman, she did not know it was going to be Wonder Woman’s role. She was asked to do a camera test by director Zack Snyder, along with about six other girls.

They kept each woman separated during the auditions and had them all remain in their trailers until it was their turn. So while she waited, she put on some Beyonce and got herself pumped up before going out there and killing it.

15 A Prime Example Of Flawless

Gal Gadot goes out of her way to make others happy. After she found out that Kelly Clarkson’s daughter was a huge Wonder Woman fan, she sent her a specialized Wonder Woman gift package that included a signed picture with a special note, just for her.

She does that for all her fans, not just the celebrities.

14 Gal Gadot Won Miss Israel In 2004

In 2017, in an interview with W magazine, Gal Gadot revealed that she was not a fan of competing in the beauty pageant. She just graduated high school and was this amazingly beautiful 18-year old that had a few years before she had to put in her military service.

So her mom convinced her to do the pageant, and she did never once thinking she would win. After she did, she went on to the Miss Universe pageant where she hoped she would not win, again.

13 Lounging Around The House

Speaking of humble, Gal Gadot and her husband, a real estate developer, owned a luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, where she would actually help out and run. She has said in interviews that she would even help clean the rooms and change the bedsheets herself, whatever it took.

They ended up selling the hotel for a cool $26 million and have moved on to other real estate investments to spend all of their money on.

12 Gal’s Beauty Beginning To Get Noticed

As if we did not know about her beauty already, Gal Gadot has given the world a couple more treats, two daughters of her own. With her DNA, it is almost a guarantee that they are both going to grow up to become superstars, just like their mother.

That is, if she allows them to follow in her footsteps. She could just as easily direct them towards a different lifestyle, one that does not involve paparazzi or film sets.

11 Everything Looks Better In Black & White

Although you wouldn’t ever think about it, Gal Gadot has an obsession with motorbikes. She even owns her own, a stylish 2006 Ducati Monster-S2R. If you did not think she could get even cooler, then just wait until you see her ride that rockstar bike around town.

Her long legs, and sleek frame can stop traffic just about every time she stops at a red light.

10 Miss Peru Is Not Even In The Same League

Most superstars that reach the level of superstardom that Gal Gadot has obtained end up becoming divas that are either hard to work with or difficult to manage. However, Gal is anything but a diva.

She just has this swagger about her that she cannot control. Her charisma, personality, and giant frame makes her a real-life Wonder Woman. It is not her fault she acts better than others, she can’t control her talents.

Gisele’s Role Just Got Bigger

When Gal was hired to become the next Wonder Woman, she was not the most popular choice because of her size. She was only known as the tall skinny girl from the Fast & Furious films.

So, to prove everyone wrong, she began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and capoeira. She has since spoken about how tough the training was and that it was even harder than filming the movie itself.

The Perfect Backdrop

As if filming an epic superhero film wasn’t already the hardest thing to do, Gal did so while also being five-months pregnant. To help cover it up, they simply placed a green sheet over her belly and continue to shoot.

It was not easy to edit it out but it was much easier than holding off filming Wonder Woman until she had the baby.

A Young Gal Gadot Posing

Gal Gadot is not a hardcore political protestor but she does share her beliefs and is an avid supporter for women’s rights. She has always been open about her support of the Israel Defense Forces, even now when they are at war with Lebanon.

Her stardom is so widespread that they ended up playing Wonder Woman in 15 Lebanon theaters anyways, even though she is a former soldier in the IDF.

All You Need Is A Shirt, Right?

Do we need to keep giving you more reasons why Gal Gadot just might be the perfect woman?

Not only does she remain humble as her stardom continues to rise across the planet, but she uses it to help support a number of causes and is an advocate for women’s rights. She also fought to have the United Nations declare Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador for women’s rights.

Even More Proof She Is Gorgeous

Aside from her dauntingly good looks and amazingly stunning charisma, Gal Gadot sees herself as a normal woman with a husband and two children. She does not think of herself as a superstar because she was not raised to be that way.

In fact, she loves everyone and does not discriminate according to religion, race, or skin color. She goes out of her way to be tolerant to all religions too.

Fast & Furious: Her Big Break

After Camille Montes was cast to be the next Bond girl in Quantum of Solace instead of Gal Gadot, her next shot had to wait until she was hired to play Gisele in Fast & Furious.

Her role was never intended to turn into a series regular but her charisma, talent, and overall beauty was hard to ignore. She became an instant Hollywood star.

Way Back When

Many of us will never forget our first jobs. Most of them were horribly degrading and we only did them to make a few extra bucks to pay for a car, or just to have some spending money.

Even though Gal looks like she was born to be a supermodel, she grew up a normal girl, just like any one else. She even had a job at Burger King, of all places. Do you think someone could find us a picture of that?

A Photoshoot Before Anyone Knew Her Name

Did we mention that Gal Gadot served two years in the military back in her home country of Israel?

All citizens are required to serve a minimum of two years in the military so it was nothing out of the norm to her. But instead of taking a cozy desk job, she was actually a combat trainer in the Irsael Defense Forces. So do not let that beautiful young pageant winner fool you, she has some serious fighting skills.

Shopping Before The Miss Universe Pageant

After serving in the military, Gal enrolled in IDC Herzliya College to study law and political science but ran into a casting director in her first year and that was all she needed to figure out what the rest of her life would be like.

She would go on to lead multiple international marketing campaigns from Captain Morgan rum to Gucci fragrances, and everything in between.

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