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Gal Gadot Gets Racy… Will Wonder Woman And Cheetah Have A Same-Sex Fling?

Gal Gadot admits to "sexual tension" and hints that she and co-star Kristen Wiig could dive into new territory.

Gal Gadot is getting a little racy as she teases the possibility of her character, Wonder Woman, engaging in a same-sex fling with Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig. Could the rumors be true? Fans are all for it, and in fact,Daily Mail reports that this whole topic came up because there was a fan theory surrounding the possibility of this romance.

Will Wonder Woman and Cheetah have an affair, as a side-plot to the movie script? Will the actresses be open to this new role? If so, this would be new territory for DC. It seems like everyone is all for it… well, almost everyone.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Even though all signs point to this being a “go”, fans and mainstream media shouldn’t start celebrating too soon. It seems that director Patty Jenkins is not on board with this storyline. She spoke respectfully about the possibility, then proceeded to shut it down.

Patty Jenkins has the authority to switch things up if she really wants to, but this storyline is definitely not one that she seems willing to contemplate. She has a vision for this movie, and for the roles of both Wonder Woman and Cheetah, and she’s going to follow through with her original plans. She made it very clear to the media that Wonder Woman 1984 is following a storyline that is firmly “about Steve.”

A Difference Of Opinion

Patty Jenkins was a quick and firm “no” when asked about the potential of Wonder Woman and her arch nemesis engaging in a same-sex relationship. There was clearly no wiggle room on this topic. When probed about this topic, Patty explained: ‘The whole story was about Steve. It’s a love story with Steve. There wasn’t room for two for Diana.”

Gal Gadot seems more open minded about throwing in this twist to the storyline. When she was asked whether her character, Diana, would be pursuing a relationship with Barbara Ann Minerva, Cheetah… her response was: “Oh, for a lesbian thing?” SFX Magazine reports Gadot went on to say; ” ‘The sexual tension is always there, I can tell you that!” Fans want to know more about what she meant!

It seems this won’t be in the upcoming DC movie, in spite of Gal Gadot’s willingness to try something new.

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