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Here’s What Gal Gadot Has Said About Getting Fit

We’ll pinpoint what she does out of the gym and what kind of food she’s using to her advantage.

Be the hardest worker in the room – those are the words uttered by Dwayne Johnson and it seems like Wonder Woman has taken it to heart;

“I did two hours gym work, two hours fight choreography, and two hours horseback riding. Which is super hard.” Those were Gadot’s words with Kelly and Ryan, discussing her lengthy days on-set. Despite the packed schedule, she still found the time to train for two hours a day – truly inspiring stuff.

We’ll take a deeper look at her dedication throughout the article, pinpointing what she does out of the gym and what kind of food she’s using to her advantage. We’ll also discuss a different type of detox she’ll follow, one that has more to do with the mind than anything else. Of course, we’ll also touch up on everything she does in the gym when it comes to Gadot, keeping things fresh and interesting is of the utmost importance. Enjoy folks, let’s get started!

11 “The Recovery Piece Is Important”

Although she spends a lot of time training hard and eating well, a lot of Gadot’s dedication also goes to proper recovery, which includes rest and deep massages when needed. She explained the importance of recovery during her interview with In Style;

“The recovery piece is very important. I see a lot of physiotherapists — of course, we foam roll — but I need someone to go in and dig deep into the muscles. I also use a Theragun after working out and drink a lot of water to release all the toxins — I find that super important. And, of course, sleep.”

10 “I’m Proactively Changing Routines”

The key to longevity, especially when it comes to keeping fit is changing goals and routines. That is especially the case when it comes to Gadot’s mindset, as she loves to change her routines on the regular, if not, boredom sets in really quickly as she discussed with Women’s Health Mag;

“I found that whenever I do one thing for too long a period of time, I get bored of it, so then I stop and then I do nothing, so now I’m proactively changing,”

“I Do A Lot Of Planks While On The Road”

We can all relate to this kind of day when work fatigue starts to kick-in and you have yet to hit the workout. In certain cases, Gadot won’t hit the hotel gym and instead, she’ll settle for a workout in her room. According to Gadot when this is the case, plank movements tend to be her go-to, given that it hits the entire core;

“When I travel and I don’t want to go downstairs to the hotel’s gym, I would do a lot of planks in my room,” she shared. I feel like that helps everything, especially abdominal work, but also the rest of the core muscles around it, so I’m a big fan of planks.”

“I Like To Paddle Board And TRX”

Gadot’s activity levels are more than just inside of a gym setting. She loves to paddleboard during her days away from the gym, along with rock climbing as well, according to Prevention.

Boxing is another element she added to her resume – a great way to improve anyone’s muscle endurance. She would also state that TRX style workouts also interest her – given how well they open up the joints.

“Be Wary Of Healthy Green Juices”

“Balance each meal with equal amounts of protein and greens, and to be wary of seemingly healthy choices like green juice, which can be highly caloric thanks to the large amounts of natural sugars in some fruits and veggies.”

Gadot makes a very valid point with Prevention, it is crucial that trainees or just about anyone trying to get in shape are conscious of what they are putting in their bodies. At times, a healthy smoothie can actually be unhealthy, depending on what it contains – some might go overboard with sugars in an attempt to improve the taste.

“I Don’t Restrict Myself”

For Gadot, restricting herself is not an option and like everything else, portion control is a fundamental part of what she’s taking in on the norm;

“I love to experience food, but at the same time I look at food as fuel and I want to give the best to my body. So of course, I have my bad things that I eat like burgers or ice cream with chocolate. I don’t restrict myself, I can eat everything … It’s all a matter of measurements and quantity of the food.”

“I Follow a Mediterranean Diet”

Gadot isn’t into trendy diets such as Keto, her go-to seems to be a Mediterranean style diet, which balances healthy proteins and veggies;

“I think we tend to make everything much more challenging and difficult than what it should be. But for me it’s easy, I’m from Israel so I follow a Mediterranean diet — it’s super simple for anyone to do. I try to make a huge percent of the plate veggies, then lean protein, and then a small amount of quality, good carbs. I eat a lot of fish and huge salads with olive oil and lemon.”

“I Have Good, Quality Carbs”

That’s the biggest key for Gadot, not restricting her carbohydrate intake but instead, sticking to the top options which are easy to digest – she’ll turn the carbohydrates into an energy source.

Among the top carbs include sweet potato, which has a watery base and it easy to digest. A slower carb grain can include quinoa and white rice.

“I Make Rules To Limit My Screen Time”

This is a different type of detox and one we can classify as a “digital detox.” Just as important, it is key to give the mind a break as well, avoiding media distractions which tend to be everywhere;

“I really feel better when I’m doing a [digital] detox, going to the beach, listening to music, or just having lovely quality time with my family. I make rules to try to limit my screen usage. I don’t touch the phone as soon as I wake up or when we’re having dinner — phones are not at the table — but I can’t tell you that I’m great about it during the day.”

“It Is A Lot”

This quote shows us the human side of Gadot, like the rest of us, she gets tired after grueling days and workouts – even the best feel fatigue;

“Mix all of that together; it’s interesting and it’s fun at times—but it’s a lot. It is super intense, demanding and exhausting. First of all, you work out hours a day, which is not something that we’re used to be doing.” Mix that in with long days on-set and it is a big battle.

“Just Give The Food The Respect And Give Yourself The Respect To Enjoy It”

A great quote when it comes to Gadot’s overall outlook on nutrition. She has made mention in the past that she looks at food as fuel, the better the sources, the greater she tends to perform and feel throughout the day.

At the same time, she also treats her body when the cravings start to kick in, incorporating a cheat meal, of course, with portion control on her mind at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, especially when it comes to nutrition, love what you eat.

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