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Machine Gun Kelly Pauses Live Concert To Make Out With Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly paused as the crowd watched him make out with Megan Fox for a solid minute

Machine Gun Kelly’s most adoring fans packed The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday night and were ready to witness a night of epic entertainment. They definitely got more than they bargained for when halfway through his live performance, Machine Gun Kelly paused as the crowd watched him make out with Megan Fox for a solid minute.

Throwing caution to the wind and demonstrating his true focus was on his girlfriend, and not on the songs he was paid to perform for the masses, Machine Gun Kelly made it known to the world that he was going to put Megan Fox ahead of everyone and everything. They packed on the PDA and gave fans a hot and heavy show before MGK made his way back to the stage to continue his performance.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Concert PDA

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been headlining the news with their public displays of affection for a long time now, but this latest charade stuck out as being the most brazen, given the fact that an entire theater full of fans was kept waiting while MGK started up a make-out session.

Things seemed to be unfolding normally until MGK began singing his song Candy on stage. He started the song and made it a few sets in, before he sang his way off the stage and towards Megan. He continued to sing in an apparent serenade towards this girlfriend, when suddenly, he just stopped using his lips for the lyrics.

MGK locked them against Megan’s instead, and she quickly wrapped her legs around him and engaged in a one-minute long makeout session in front of the sold-out crowd.

MGK kept strumming his guitar the whole time.

Very Public PDA

This couple has been known to put on a real show when it comes to gaining attention for their groping, kissing, and face-licking. They’ve continued to push the boundaries of PDA and are now taking it to the next level by putting their behavior on blast, during one of his live events.

The mid-song makeout pause was something that even fans couldn’t predict, and it seemed as though it was totally unscripted and very much another example of this hot couple just ‘vibing’ and acting on their emotions whenever the spirit moves them.

Machine Gun Kelly eventually did make his way back to the stage, and his fans seemed to get a real kick out of his kissing break, chalking this up as yet another time that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox take their relationship to the next level.

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