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Megan Fox Had Two Nose Job Procedures As Per Instagram Cosmetics Surgeon

These Instagram cosmetic surgery enthusiasts claim that the actress went under the knife in the past.

Instagram cosmetic surgery enthusiasts Dana and Lorry Hill have analyzed Megan Fox’s photos from 2007 and determined that the Jennifer’s Body actress underwent two plastic surgeries in the past. Lorry Hill, who has over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, has been breaking down the cosmetic procedures multiple celebrities have opted for over the years.

Dana (@igfamousbydana) has also shared her two cents on Fox and how she drastically altered her nose over the years.

Megan Fox Allegedly Underwent Surgical Procedures

Dana shared a photo of Megan Fox from 2007 and 2021. They believe that the actress has allegedly had “at least 2 surgical nose jobs.”

“The first one was years ago when she straightened and thinned the bridge of her already small and thin nose. Basically she had a subtle nose job keeping the same overall shape but with some tweaking,” she added.

They further revealed that although fans believed Fox had aged over the years, that wasn’t the case. “Whenever I pointed it out, many of you said it was just angles, aging etc but it was definitely a rhinoplasty, and a very very good one.”

Dana also admitted that she was hesitant to share the post and was unsure if Fox’s photos were heavily edited like the Kardashians. “At first I was hesitant to post bc I wasn’t sure if it was editing as all her pictures are Kardashian-style filtered and edited rn until I saw her Met pics,” they wrote.

A few weeks ago, Lorry Hill detailed Fox’s cosmetic procedures on her YouTube channel. The plastic surgery enthusiast has said that aside from a rhinoplasty procedure, the actress could have had her nostrils reduced in size.

Megan’s fans agree that the actress has always been beautiful, despite her alleged surgeries. The star first rose to fame at just 15-years-old, when she appeared in the 2001 film Holiday in the Sun, playing a spoiled heiress Brianna WallaceThe movie co-starred the Olsen twins, and Fox’s role cemented her name in Hollywood.

Meghan Fox has a long list of upcoming projects, including Big Gold Brick, where she stars alongside Scenes of a Marriage star Oscar Isaac, Andy García, and Lucy Hale. She will also be seen in the movie Johnny & Clyde.

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