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RHOBH: Inside Gigi Hadid’s ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Zayn Malik

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Yolanda Hadid has issues with Zayn Malik. Gigi Hadid has called it quits with her pop star baby daddy.

Gigi Hadid is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Yolanda Hadid’s daughter, and Gigi’s “toxic” relationship with Zayn Malik has shocked fans. Gigi and Zayn were often secretive about their relationship, but their problems are now public since Yolanda filed criminal charges against Zayn. Now, the world is aware of all the messy fighting taking place between Zayn and his former girlfriend’s mother. As Gigi and Zayn share a 1-year-old daughter named Khai Hadid Malik, the family drama is serious.

During Yolanda’s three RHOBH seasons, she showed viewers her at-home life with her three kids, Gigi, Bella Hadid, and Anwar Hadid. The former model was very hands-on when it came to Gigi’s modeling career. Yolanda, who later confirmed Gigi’s pregnancy, knew her daughter was about to take off. She wanted to make sure Gigi stayed on the right track, even if that meant controlling what Gigi ate and wore. At one point, her daughter opened up about wanting to continue playing sports, and Yolanda was opposed. She even made a joke about Gigi’s sexuality. The scenes haven’t aged well over the years, as society becomes more aware of issues surrounding body dysmorphia, gender roles, and freedom of expression.

Amid the shocking details about Yolanda’s fight with Gigi’s on-and-off boyfriend Zayn, it was revealed that the couple actually broke up over a month ago. Now, more insiders are revealing how turbulent things have been in the former One Direction singer Zayn’s relationship with Gigi. “It was a super toxic relationship,” a source told People. Another insider says that Zayn’s “complicated personality,” has made it “hard at times for Gigi to live with him.” However, the 26-year-old model and the 28-year-old pop star are still good co-parents who put Khai’s needs first. See a recent post of Zayn looking downcast below:

Yolanda seems to be very involved in her daughter’s life, and this has created a rift between her and Zayn. “Yolanda is of course very protective of Gigi,” the source said. They added, “She wants the best for her daughter and grandchild. She has had some issues with Zayn. She thinks he could treat Gigi better. This is creating conflicts between Yolanda and Zayn.” Yolanda charged Zayn with four counts of harassment after an incident on Sept. 29, during which he allegedly “grabbed [Yolanda] and shoved her into a dresser, causing mental anguish and physical pain,” as per court documents. Zayn has denied the claims and accused Yolanda of leaking information to the press, instead of allowing the family to handle their issues outside of the public eye.

Gigi has asked for privacy and said that she is solely focused on her daughter, Khai. However, she’s also caught in the middle. The trio has gotten along well in the past. Now, a baby is involved and Yolanda still wants to protect her daughter, Gigi. It seems like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum can’t see eye to eye with Zayn. Now, reports claim that the tension between Zayn and Yolanda ignited after Yolanda confirmed Gigi’s pregnancy. It was allegedly something Zayn and Gigi wanted to keep private until after she gave birth. When it comes to Gigi’s issues with Zayn, insiders recently said that Yolanda is “inserting herself into a situation that does not involve her.” All the drama is disturbing and Gigi, Zayn, and Yolanda might need therapy to move forward as a family.

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