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Everything Angelina Jolie’s Brother James Haven Did To Make Brad Pitt Jealous

Is James Haven actually the reason for Brad Pitt and Angelina's divorce?

Angelina Jolie has been known to have several Hollywood romantic relationships and break-ups. From Jonny Lee Miller to the Fight Club star Brad Pitt, the men surrounding the Hollywood actress have attracted attention. However, Angelina’s brother James Haven has also gotten attention for himself and his sister but mostly negatively.

Why are many Brangelina fans against James Haven? Is James Haven and Angelina Jolie still on talking terms? What does Angelina think of her brother James? Keep reading to find out the answers…

Are Angelina Jolie And James Haven Close?

Angelina Jolie and James Haven are the children of American actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand. James is older than Angelina by two years, making them grow up together closely with each other. Despite Angelina Jolie despising her father growing up, it did not stop the Voight siblings from having a solid relationship.

Even during red carpet appearances of their father Jon, the two would be seen joining along and having positive sibling comments when asked by reporters. Fans would also argue that they are one of the closest Hollywood siblings in their mid-20s. Some even compare them to Billie Eilish and Finneas’s close relationship as brothers and sisters.

However, after Angeline Jolie started dating Jonny Lee Miller in 1996, along with the rise of her Hollywood career, the siblings’ close relationship started drifting apart.

What Is James Haven Doing Now?

As part of a bloodline of great actors, James Haven also had his fair share of acting roles in the past. One of his more prominent roles is Don Wake in the 2004 thriller mystery movie Breaking Dawn.

However, after his short stint as an actor, he did not pursue a more prominent role, unlike his sister, Angelina. In 2009, James Haven became a born-again Christian who was rumored to be because of Angelina’s encouragement.

After his short fame until 2010, James has moved away from being an actor to now being a lay-low citizen in Los Angeles.

Did Angelina Jolie Dated Her Brother James Haven?

The extent of Angelina Jolie and James Haven’s closeness reached a point that fans speculated they could have been dating. However, the siblings were consistent in denying all these dating allegations saying that they are only really affectionate and loving to each other.

Inside Angelina Jolie’s complex relationship with James Haven, the two were involved in many of the other’s life milestones. According to Style Magazine, although they did not date, James did become the nanny for his four niece and nephews for a year.

James Haven also became Angelina Jolie’s red carpet date in some events, most notably at the 2000 Oscar Awards.

Angelina Jolie And James Haven Kissed In The Oscars

In 2000, Angelina Jolie won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 72nd Oscar Awards. Accompanying her was her brother James Haven who she gladly showed gratitude for accompanying her. Together, the siblings not only wore matching black outfits but also surprisingly kissed each other.

Angelina even mentioned James Haven in her acceptance speech, saying, “I’m in shock, and I’m so in love with my brother [James Haven] right now.” What they did bring so much media attention that, to a point, it overtook headlines about Angelina winning the award.

Seven years after, According to, James Have said, “It was something simple and lovely. She [Angelina Jolie] was about to go off to Mexico to finish filming Original Sin with Antonio Banderas. I congratulated her [Angelina] on the Oscar win and gave her [Angelina] a quick kiss on the lips. It was snapped and became a big thing,” talking about the kidding incident to Daily Mail.

Is James Haven Closer To The Jolie-Pitt Children Than Brad Pitt?

James Haven became a full-time nanny to Angelina Jolie’s four children during the start of the custody trials between her and Brad Pitt’s divorce. Although it only lasted a year, as Angelina wanted to be hands-on with her children, his presence did not affect much of their growing-up years.

Despite James Haven’s nanny-figure to the Jolie-Pitt kids, it seems unlikely that he is closer to the children’s father, Brad Pitt. Brad has been more involved in the growth of his children but has only been restricted after the visitation orders.

Did James Haven Cause Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s Divorce?

Although James Haven caused dating and mostly negative clout between him and Angelina in the 2000s, he had much involvement with Brad and Angelina apart from being their children’s nanny. Rumors about him soliciting advice from Angelina on how to go after the divorce surfaced. Neither Angelina nor James confirmed this.

However, some fans believe Brad Pitt was not the most enthusiastic when they were still married about James Haven’s role in Angelina’s life. Brangelina fans believe James Haven has caused more negative than positive attention towards him and his sister, which could be why Brad is not fully accepting of James.

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