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Megan Fox Matched Her New Blonde-Pink Hair to Her Minidress, Stilettos, and Manicure

Megan Fox is brunette no more. 

The actor debuted a new blonde look with subtle pink undertones while attending the premiere of Life in Pink with her fiancé, fellow pink-hair haver Machine Gun Kelly.

The transition from her signature black hair to something a bit softer makes sense given the occasion, as does her LPD—that’s “little pink dress”—and her strappy pink stilettos, which she wore while shuffling down the pink carpet. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox
Megan Fox

Life in Pink is Machine Gun Kelly’s new documentary, chronicling his life from 2018 to the present, including the more…for lack of a better word, dramatic moments of his and Fox’s relationship. At one point in the film, MGK details a phone call with Fox during which he threatened to shoot himself. (Is that a red flag? Or is it only…pink?)

For his part, Machine Gun Kelly, a.k.a. Colson Baker, also dressed on theme, wearing a popcorn-textured knit crop top which he styled with white pants and white sneakers. Both Fox and MGK painted their nails pink in the interest of couple coordination.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Fox is hardly the only celebrity to choose blonde hair for the summer. During her performance at Glastonbury on Monday, Lorde, another longtime brunette, debuted bleached blonde waves. And who can forget Kim Kardashian’s bleached hair? Not me.

The question for Megan Fox remains: Is it a wig, or is this pink hair for real? I refuse to make any guesses one way or the other (I have been fooled before), but perhaps we’ll catch the reveal in the next MGK documentary? The girls (me, I’m “girls”) need answers.

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