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16 Gorgeous Pics Of Scarlett Johansson That’ll Make Every Man Melt

Scarlett Johansson changes personalities, roles and hair colors like a chameleon, but she still manages to maintain that signature stare.

Scarlett Johansson is arguably one of the steamiest screen sirens of our generation. She has been named the modern day Marilyn Monroe with her buxom hourglass figure, bedroom eyes and pinup girl look that we can’t help but envy. Guys salivate over her because of her luscious curves and “come-hither” vibe that she radiates. Girls can’t help but admire her because she is a breath of fresh air after being bombarded by images of size zero, über-thin women that we are used to seeing in the media. She is often seen on the red carpet in curve-hugging gowns that make it pretty obvious how well-endowed she is.

Aside from Scarlett Johansson’s smoldering, sultry looks, she has a chill demeanor and a husky voice. The characters that she plays in movies make her look demure and unaware of the powerful effect that she is having on the audience. Scarlett Johansson changes personalities, roles and hair colors like a chameleon, but she still manages to maintain that signature stare. You know that stare. It’s that “pierce through your soul” stare that sucks you in like a vortex. Here are 16 drop-dead gorgeous pictures of Scarlett Johansson that’ll make every man melt onto his knees.

16Ryan Reynolds: Eat Your Heart Out

We know that Blake Lively is beautiful and all, but a part of Ryan Reynolds must go to bed at night thinking, “man, I could have had this.” Scarlett Johansson is not just drop-dead gorgeous, but there is a je ne sais quoi about her that gives her an edge over other starlets in Hollywood. There is a reason that she is the highest paid actresses of our generation. Blake Lively must look at photos like this and think, “wow, that is one tough act to follow.” Though Scarlett has clearly moved on since then, she must leave a trail of broken hearts behind her. Seriously, not too many ladies can pull off skin-tight leopard print like this woman does. Even in perfect lighting, that is a feat in that of itself.

15Film Noir In The Shadows

Here, Scarlett Johansson has us feeling like she is trapping into her own little silent film world where we don’t know what is going to happen next. When all else fails, just wear all black and be photographed in black and white. Even though this picture is a still life portrait of the future screen icon, it seems as though it should be moving. If it is not moving, it is popping off the flat surface that you call your computer. Not only is Ms. Johansson stunningly beautiful (well, obviously), she just has that air of mystery that not too many of today’s Hollywood starlets seem to possess. There is just something about her when she wears dark clothing, dark makeup and is photographed in dark lighting. We are definitely feeling this vibe.

14Pin-Up Girl For Life

Seriously, who can rock the pin-up girl character better than Scarlett Johansson? Aside from the actresses from yesteryear like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner or Rita Hayworth…not many of today’s actresses have that vintage feel going on for them. Scarlett shines in this photo shoot that looks like it must have been for Vanity Fair with the perfect natural lighting and the beach with crystal clear waters in the background. While everyone else wishes they were more tan, this woman makes pale skin look cool and has second guessing whether we should really bake out in the sun or not. She even pulls of the touch of dark roots while her platinum hair cascades down her back. This is the perfect combination of 1957 meets 2017 with the beach hair paired with the throw-back corset.

13Lady In Red With Louis Vuitton

You know you have made it to sleek stardom when Louis Vuitton asks you to be the face of their prestigious brand. Scarlett Johansson glows in this photo with a satin backdrop and perfectly compliments the colors that she is wearing. Her furry coat (which is the only piece of clothing that she is wearing apparently) sends mixed signals of “I look hot” and “pet me for I am fuzzy.” Her porcelain skin is smooth, radiant and captures the light to the point where she looks more like a doll than a human being. Her far-away stare makes us wonder what kind of emotion she is trying to convey through this photo. On top of that, she has a designer bag to boot. We wonder if they just gave this away to her for free (not that she wouldn’t be able to afford it on her own accord).

12Business In The Front, Sparkle In The Back

Assuming that this picture was taken from the same photo shoot as above, we still can’t get enough of that perfect, semi-sepia lighting that graces her face and body to its utmost perfection. Here, she is dressed to the nines in a more modern day pin-up girl look. She has a geometric-shaped sweater gives a hint of the ’60s mod period paired with some high-waisted sparkle boy shorts that scream the 21st century. You just have to love it when someone pulls off the vintage meets modern day vibe like she does. Sure, we all know that Scarlett Johansson is a throw-back of the pin-up girl, but she puts her own twist on it that still makes it competitively trendy even in this day and age.

11Woke Up Like This

If there has ever been a single human being in the world who makes rolling out of bed seem effortless, it is this broad right here. Is it just me, or is Scarlett Johansson usually photographed in the bedroom with some chic interior design like it is just no big deal? We wish that we could wake up in beautiful settings on a regular basis, get photographed and paid for it at the same time. *Sigh*. Ahh, the life of a movie star. This time around, she decided to wear her heels to bed, because what other comfortable shoe are you supposed to wear to bed? Either that or she is just halfway through getting dressed for and prepped for some formal event and she was caught in mid-preparation. You gotta hate when that happens (and yes, that was sarcasm).

10Fluffiness Is The Spice Of Life

This is one of the many pictures where you notice how naturally gorgeous Scarlett Johansson is without her having to really put any effort into it. The scenery is soft and the lighting is not too hard on her face that allows her to wear minimal makeup. One can’t help but envy (or become smitten by) those pouty, pillowy lips. It makes us almost wish that us thin-lipped people could go out and get a lip injection a lá Kylie Jenner (even though she is a different story for a different day). For now, we can just appear as coy as we possibly can and just pray that we can pull it off as well as Scarlett can, if only for a short period of time.

9Short Hair, Don’t Care

It is no secret that the majority of men are more attracted to long hair than they are to short hair, unless they have some weird fetish. Only an iconic movie star like Scarlett Johansson can ever get away with looking just as (if not almost) as hot as she does when she has long hair. Even on her, we will admit is not exactly the most feminine look that we have seen her rock. However, she wears the short hair gracefully by styling it the right way and revealing her back which compensates for its feminine mystique. Not to mention that the strappy backside of her dress gives away that peek-a-boo tattoo. You have to wonder if she carefully planned it or if Cosmopolitan perfectly planned that look. I guess we will never know.

8That Face Could Stop Traffic

Admit it: even if you are a heterosexual female, there is just something about Scarlett Johansson’s face that makes you want to become a lesbian. Very few women will ever have this kind of affect on those within their own gender and orientation, but man does this woman manage to accomplish this effortlessly. Though men may pay more attention to her body, us women have to admire that perfectly symmetrical face with full lips. Sometimes we imagine that if we had that, what types of lipstick we would use or how we would do our makeup on an everyday basis. Okay, maybe that is pushing it a bit far, but you get the idea. It must be a dream to wake up every morning and realize that you are the real Scarlett Johansson.

7Catsuits Automatically Spell “Superhero”

So this one is what will make all of the nerdy boys around the world drop whatever they are doing (or whatever PvP game that they might be addicted to) and just stop and stare. Sure, there have been good looking superhero women (especially with the new release with Gal Gadot as wonder woman) that have most men drooling, but there is something different about when Scarlett Johansson pulls it off. Those catsuits call for a perfect hourglass, yet in shape figure and she fits this bill with flying colors. Word on the street is that she had to train day and night and watch what she ate to pull this off. Clearly it paid off. We are not so sure about the red hair though, she probably looks better as a blonde.

6Girl Next Door Meets Goldilocks

In this screenshot of He’s Just Not That Into You, Scarlett Johansson pulls of the wannabe girl-next-door with perfectly curled hair. This kind of brings us back to our old high school days when we spent our entire teenage paychecks at Hollister sporting those Henley shirts. She looks like she is layering for fall but still wants to retain that feminine attractiveness by wearing it in a way that flatters her figure. That headband that she is using to keep the cascading curls from intersecting her face is a perfect way to command attention without really trying that hard. Notice how she was the only character in that entire movie where…yes, he actually was THAT into her. Sucks to be any one of the rest of her female co-stars.

5 Classiness Meets Fishnets

This one is probably her most eccentric, out-there look on the entire list. This is a theatric look that you could only pull of in any of these three circumstances: 1) Halloween 2) The Met-Gala or 3) Any Kind of Themed Party. The perfectly decaled dress with sparkles (albeit with different sized sparkles) was crafted perfectly to give that “mermaid that got brought back to life” vibe. She didn’t go overboard with the modern-day mermaid dress since it is a lavender purple rather than a green or a blue. She adds her own punk meets ’90s spin on it with red fishnet tights and a throw-back choker. The cherry to top it all off or the icing on the cake if you will is that “what are you looking at?” expression on her face.

4Blue Steel Scarlett

Staring off into the distance is something that most models and actresses have to master if they are going to be featured in a major magazine editorial. We really hope that this is her natural eye color (if not, you have the miracle of Photoshop to thank for that). Even if it is not real, you have to consider this photograph a work of art at the very most or just a stoic, pensive stare at the very least. Rather than Scarlett Johansson appearing racy in this pic, she actually looks like she is at the height of elegance. Her makeup is impeccable and dewy. The light seems to just make her appear in a dream-like trance and makes us wonder if we could reach that same state of mind.

3Back To Basics With Black And White

In this one (yet another photo from the Vanity Fair shoot), she is looking like a complete boss. Her body language is saying that she is commanding her own space and doesn’t if anyone thinks that she is taking up too much space. This type of pose is just as awesome as it is intimidating. It is almost as if she is really just trying to say “don’t mess with me” judging by the look in her eye. It would be one thing if she as doing this in an office setting, but she is doing it in a domestic setting where her shoes are off. Maybe she just got home from a long day’s work but just can’t seem to turn off being in that CEO mode.

2Smokey Eye Surprise

They say that it was the Kardashians that invented that perfect smokey eye look that has gotten so popular throughout the years. We beg to differ in that department at least. Here, Scarlett Johansson shows us that we can all pull the smokey eye thing off without going overboard with the makeup giving us that raccoon eye. This is reminiscent of one of the classic Bobbi Brown ads that has the perfect combination of different colored eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara. Everything else about the rest of the makeup, outfit and hair choice remains simple and not over done. That is one big thing to remember when pulling off a dramatic look. Make sure that nothing else in your ensemble looks simple and nothing close to dramatic. You’re welcome.

1Coy Smirk And A Hint Of Thigh

Scarlett Johansson knows how to play up her sensual side without going overboard into the tacky arena. In this photo, she is not overly done up with her outfit or makeup. Her natural beauty is shining through with muted colors, minimal makeup and a clean background. It is hard to tell if she is wearing short shorts because her hands are giving her enough coverage while being able to show off her legs at the same time. We can all take a few lessons from Ms. Scarlett Johansson when it comes to posing. She has mastered the art of “I’m not really trying but I still need to look perfect for this photo” types of poses. The look on her faces says “well hello there, I saw you staring at me from across the room.” It is a not-so-subtle form of subtle

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