What Fans Really Think About Alexandra Daddario’s Eyes

The 'White Lotus' star's eyes are utterly captivating, but are they even real?

From wondering about Alexandra Daddario’s relationship status to hearing about how she fought for her True Detective role, there’s a lot about this talented actress that gets people talking. And more than anything else about her, people are curious about her eyes.

With the actress playing a main role in the fascinating HBO drama The White Lotus, fans are talking about Alexandra Daddario more than ever before. Of course, people can’t help but discuss her gorgeous eyes, so let’s take a look at what fans are saying.


Since Alexandra Daddario’s eyes are so beautiful and bold, fans wonder if the actress wears contacts.

While some people are huge fans of her eyes and find them to be her most interesting feature, some people didn’t have the nicest things to say. One fan posted in a Reddit thread, “Obviously she’s an attractive person and I’m not saying her eyes are objectively bad, but in my opinion, the huge size and super bright blue color is super creepy to me.”

Another fan who watched the TV drama Why Women Kill commented and wondered if Alexandra wears contacts. They wrote, “Does she wear contacts to make them even more blue. That color just does not look real.”


Many people consider Alexandra Daddario to be a favorite actress and they can’t help but love her eyes.

One fan posted a photo of the actress and wrote, “No, those eyes are not photoshopped.” Another fan wrote, “She is quite simply my number one celebrity crush.”

There has also been a discussion about why her eyes look like that: in a Reddit thread about the actresses’ eyes, someone asked, “What is up with Alexandra Daddario’s eyes” and the responses ranged from “the best I’ve ever seen ” to “they’re beautiful.”

When someone asked why anyone would Photoshop or change Alexandra’s eyes, someone explained that her eyes are often a topic of conversation since they stand out so much: “If you’ve seen her in anything, you’ll know her eyes are mesmerizing. It’s hard to find a good picture.” Someone commented comparing Alexandra’s eyes to another actor’s: “Elijah Wood face some questions from fans on how they managed to photoshop his eyes to be so blue, but the fact is, his eyes are naturally like that. I imagine it’s the same reason here.”

Another fan said on Reddit that her eyes are “hypnotic.”

A fan gave a more detailed explanation, getting into why her eyes stand out so much: “She has unusually dark and thick limbal rings, which is usually taken as a sign of health and/or youth… it’s a super common find on people who are said to have ‘pretty eyes.’ It helps that her eyes are very light-colored, as that helps them stand out.”

Another fan wondered how her eyes can be for real, which is a sentiment that is part of many fan discussions: “those eyes cannot be real, sorcery, photoshop, or some photo filters or whatever. They are absolutely divine.”

While many people have crushes on Alexandra Daddario and believe that she’s super beautiful, the actress shared that she was “nerdy” in high school. She has also spoken about feeling secure with herself now that she’s in her 30’s and it sounds like she has a lot of newfound confidence.

According to People.com, the actress talked about starring in Baywatch and said, “It feels really surreal — as a teenager I could never really get guys and I was pretty nerdy. Now I feel like I’m getting my revenge by being a Baywatch babe. I’m like, ‘You could have had this and now look at me.’”

In an interview with Access Online, Alexandra said that people advised her that she would love her 30’s and think that this is “the best time of her life” and she agreed with that sentiment. While the actress might be super beautiful and she might have a large fanbase who loves talking about her compelling eyes, she sounds so relatable when she’s interviewed, especially when she talks about being in her 30’s and dating. The actress shared, “You know, you go through your twenties and you work really hard, and you sort of get to a place in your early thirties where you know yourself better. You know what you want romantically. You’ve made mistakes. You’ve learned what you don’t want and what you do want.”

Alexandra Daddario likely knows that people pay a lot of attention to her eyes and she is probably asked about them a lot, but it seems like her fanbase can’t help but notice them and talk about them, as they stand out a lot.

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