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Tales Of The Walking Dead Trailer Reveals 6 New Stories In Spinoff Show

AMC reveals more Tales of the Walking Dead in a harrowing new trailer previewing the anthology-style Walking Dead universe spinoff.

AMC teases Tales of the Walking Dead in a new trailer for the upcoming anthology-style spinoff. The Walking Dead and its previous apocalyptic spinoff shows Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond are all examples of serialized storytelling. But the newest spinoff will break the mold by presenting six unconnected stories set in the TWD universe.

Tales of the Walking Dead was indeed teased early on as a chance to not only tell new one-off TWD stories, but to resurrect dead characters from the other shows. And that promise is in fact set to be fulfilled as one of the new Walking Dead tales will center on Alpha, Samantha Morton’s villainous character from TWD, who infamously died at the hands of Negan. But the other five Tales of the Walking Dead stories will in fact center on previously-unseen characters as played by an array of actors, including familiar faces Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey and Olivia Munn.

The new adventures of these previously-unknown characters, as well as the further adventures of Alpha, are indeed all teased in a new Tales of the Walking Dead trailer just released by AMC. Not surprisingly, various zombies also show up to remind everyone that this is indeed a show set in the TWD universe. See the harrowing clip in the space below:

Among other things the new clip seems to tease an appearance by Alpha’s daughter Lydia, though in this prequel story she’s much younger and is thus not played by TWD’s Cassady McClincy. It’s also somewhat surprising to see the clip apparently spoiling the death of Posey’s character Blair, who can be seen in one shot clearly being bitten on the neck by a zombie in a way that would seem to be decisively fatal. Perhaps most intriguing of all are the clip’s brief glimpses of Crews and Munn, who star together in one episode as characters named Joe and Evie. The show’s cast also includes Jillian Bell, Poppy Liu, Danny Ramirez, Daniella Pineda, Jessie T. Usher and Embeth Davidtz.

On the one hand, it’s arguably a bit of a risk for The Walking Dead to break with tradition and go down the anthology-style road. But on the other hand, it can be argued that TWD has been stale for years and needs to shake up its own format in a big way. It remains to be seen if one-off stories prove compelling to Walking Dead fans who have grown accustomed over the years to ongoing story arcs and recurring situations. Tales of the Walking Dead will being serving up its anthology-style zombie stories when it premieres on AMC on August 14, 2022.

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