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Kendall Jenner’s hottest bikini pictures

Kendall Jenner dreamed of becoming a supermodel for years, and now she’s reportedly the highest-paid model in the world. With her long, lean body, it’s no big surprise she’s become so successful in her modeling career. Nor is it surprising that she shows off the body that she’s famous for on the regular.

Kendall has been known to post more than a few bikini pictures on Instagram, just like all four of her famous sisters, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian. She’ll even sport a two-piece in the snow if the mood strikes. She may not sport the outrageous curves of the rest of the ladies in her family, but she definitely knows how to wear a bikini. Check out some of Kendall Jenner’s best bikini pics here:

A different kind of ice bath.

In 2022, Kendall took a trip and decided to try out that whole Wim Hof ice bath thing that asserts that regular ice baths have health benefits. She did it her own way, though, and ran through the snow in a bikini and winter boots.2/15

She’s a little bit cheeky.

Kendall can be so coy! Look at that innocent look on her face while she shows off a little bit of cheek in an aqua-colored thong bikini. We love that she adds the hat for a bit of a sporty but still flirty touch.3/15

She can pull off summer camp vibes.

This adorable bikini shows off Kendall’s sweet and innocent side. The pale yellow color and tiny floral print are so pretty and innocent-looking, but the cut of the suit is still downright sexy. It seems straight out of a teen movie.4/15

Kendall has a bikini for every occasion.

Kendall has a bikini for literally every occasion. Realistically, she may even have a different one for every day of the year. This Western-inspired print bikini is perfect with her cowboy hat. We wouldn’t be surprised if she was wearing cowboy boots also.5/15

She can be a lady of leisure.

Kendall looks glamorous in a bikini just lounging by the swimming pool, doesn’t she? The deep turquoise shade and satiny material of this suit make it look just as expensive as it probably is. She looks like the epitome of a lady of leisure in this shot.Las fotos más lindas de los hijos de los famosos en las redes socialesRicky Martin rompe silencio tras veredicto en juicio en su contra por violencia doméstica6/15

She looked hot in white for GQ.

A few years ago, Kendall was on the cover of GQ magazine, posing in a white-hot bikini. The low cut and strappy details were a world different from the type of bikinis we see her in these days, but undoubtedly sexy.7/15

She has the most svelte bikini body.

Kendall legit looked like a brunette Barbie in this bikini photo shoot she did with her sisters. This barely there red bikini is super sexy, and honestly, few people could pull it off as well as she does. Technically, it was Skims underwear, not a bikini, but it totally looks like a bikini.8/15

Her bikinis reflect her moods.

Kendall’s bikini style choices vary widely. She wears whatever suits her mood, like, for example, on the day she posted pictures wearing this colorful, printed, ruffly bikini, she captioned the post, “a new day! a good day!” Totally matches!9/15

Kendall is subtly sexy in this sunny suit.

Kendall’s bright smile matches the sunny shade of her two-piece swimsuit in this pretty photo. The bright color is perfect on her tanned complexion. She looks fantastic in just about every bikini, though.10/15

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner/Instagram

This one is cowgirl chic.

We knew Kendall would sport a pair of cowboy boots with a bikini! Usually cowgirls wear a bit more fabric, but Kendall pulls this look off flawlessly. The teeny-tiny nude-colored bikini complements her perfectly.11/15

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner/Instagram

She knows how to work a theme.

Kendall definitely likes to pick themes for her swimwear. When in the Caribbean, why not wear a cleavage-boosting, tie-dye green and blue bikini to match the crystal-clear water just right? She goes all in.12/15

See what we mean…

During the same Caribbean beach vacation, Kendall donned this classically sexy, tropical-print string bikini that was a perfect match for her surroundings. Total island vibes, if a bit retro.13/15

This strapless suit is super sexy.

On yet another family beach vacation, Kendall wore this strapless string bikini. It looked comfy and casual but had a luxe print and fabric, which helped her pull off that casually sexy look that everyone wants on a beach trip.14/15

The cut of this bikini enhances her shape.

The cut of this yellow bikini that Kendall wore on this boat trip showed off her shape beautifully. It kind of has a vintage-cut top and high-cut bottoms that enhance her slender but still prominent curves.15/15

Cute and comfy can still be sexy.

With Kendall’s confidence, even a cute and comfy, teeny-weeny polka dot bikini can look sexy. Kendall looks so relaxed and happy in this poolside bikini pic. This is the kind of bikini that any girl could wear and look fantastic in

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