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Who is Jennifer Pamplona, the model who paid the price to look like Kim Kardashian?

Versace model Jennifer Pamplona, after spending nearly $600K on procedures to transform herself into a Kim Kardashian lookalike, has now paid $120K to "detransition" back to her former appearance.

She spent 600,000 dollars to look like famous American socialite Kim Kardashian. But now, Versace model Jennifer Pamplona has spent 120,000 dollars to “detransition” back to her former appearance. The 29-year-old model underwent 40 cosmetic surgeries over 12 years to imitate the ‘SKIMS’ founder but eventually realised her pleasure was only at a surface level.

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“People would call me a Kardashian, and it started to get annoying,” Pamplona, who first came to attention as a model for the Versace brand in April 2015, told Caters. “I had worked and studied and was a businesswoman. I had done all these things and had all these achievements in my personal life, but I was only being recognised because I looked like a Kardashian.”

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Image Credit: Jennifer Pamplona Twitter (L); Getty Images (R)

Born on August 28, 1992, in São Paulo, Pamplona underwent surgery for the first time at 17. At the time, Kim Kardashian was starting to become more well-known. After her first operation, the Brazilian quickly became dependent on cosmetic procedures that would make her appear to be a newly minted A-lister. Among the more than 40 procedures she endured were three rhinoplasties and eight operations on her bottom, including butt implants and fat injections.

Image Credit: Jennifer Pamplona Twitter (L); Getty Images (R)

Pamplona’s transformation into Kim Kardashian’s twin quickly garnered her attention on a global scale. She also gathered over a million Instagram followers, but happiness did not come with it. “I discovered that I was addicted to surgery and wasn’t happy. I was putting filler in my face like I was in the supermarket,” the model admitted. “It was an addiction, and I got into a cycle of surgery equals fame and money. I just lost control of everything. I went through a lot of hard times.”

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The Brazilian model also grabbed the limelight for dating Celso Santebañes – who became known as “Human Ken” after spending thousands in surgeries to look like the classic doll. He tragically died at age 20 after developing cancer from an infection caused by fillers in his leg. Before his death on June 4, 2015, he launched his line of dolls, Celso Dolls.

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Pamplona claimed that it took her years of distress before she understood her body dysmorphia and her desire to return to her normal form. She located a physician in Istanbul who claimed to be able to assist her in returning to her former appearance. “I saw on the computer beforehand how I would look, and it was like I was having a rebirth. I had a face and neck lift, buccal fat removal, cat eye surgery, a lip lift and a nose job all at once. I went into the operation room as one person, and I came out as another,” she said.

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In contrast, Pamplona claimed issues after the “detransition” process, alleging that sickness had caused her to “bleed from her cheeks” for three days. “I thought I was dying. I was thinking to myself, ‘What the hell have I done with my life?'” But, the Brazilian said she already knew the painful procedure was worth it.

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“The best feeling is knowing I’m not in a fight with myself anymore,” Pamplona said. “I am now who I wanted to be, and I really now understand the meaning of life. There are people who make it [surgery] look good on Instagram, but life isn’t perfect, and being addicted to surgery isn’t a good thing,” she explained, revealing she is working on a documentary titled “Addiction,” about the dangers of the operations.

Image Credit: JP Mental Health Foundation Instagram

The model and a doctor have joined forces to start a foundation, JP Mental Health Foundation, in Brazil that will assist people with body dysmorphia. “I feel like I can help a lot of people with my life story, but my face is beautiful, and now I look even more beautiful,” she said. Pamplona is releasing selfies after her “detransition” procedure to show the ugly truth about cosmetic procedures. She is also known for her work as an ambassador for Estetik International.

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