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See Megan Fox Make Donuts Sexy In New Video

Megan Fox knows a thing or two about controlling the narrative on social media. And by controlling the narrative, I mean dressing in crazy outfits and doing things that most normal folks would never, in a million years, be able to pull off. This is mostly from the outfit perspective. So it isn’t crazy that her latest Instagram post is a little nuts, but also very on-brand. It looks like it involves a recent trip to New York City and as Megan Fox herself describes it, there is absolute chaos. That feels about how I would sum up the proceedings that have her in a video licking a donut while also with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly who appears covered in blood. And there is other stuff in there and in between.

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The Megan Fox Instagram post was closing in on a million likes at the time of this posting and will probably easily reach that number considering it had only been up for about six hours. Some of the imagery is of her as part of a music video, but there are some Getty images included as well, and of course some shots of her and Mr. Machine Gun. And she also threw in a quick SOS remark as well with the post as if there was some help that needed to be sent. It wouldn’t appear all that dire from the looks of things, though I suppose you can judge that one for yourself.

Well, there you have it. Some donut licking and New York City galavanting on the part of Megan Fox who has been up to this kind of thing on social media for a while now. Though it’s worth noting that her recent posts have been a bit more toned down seeing as how they’ve been part of a marketing campaign for a Boohoo line of clothing with her name on it. Those pics featured Megan Fox modeling a number of different outfits and looks for the clothing line which is supposed to be for “normal” people. Though the way the actress and model pulled off the looks, it’s hard to imagine just anybody walking down the street in some of these get-ups.

When she isn’t putting it all out there on Instagram, Megan Fox has been picking up steam with the acting work over the last couple of years. While they haven’t all been critical darlings, it isn’t for lack of effort on the production front. In 2021 she starred in a few different flicks including Till Death which earned her solid marks in a flick that she mostly carried. There was also Night Teeth as a vampire queen and Midnight in the Sawgrass though that one failed to pass the muster. 

And then this year, Megan Fox has been in Good News, Big Gold Brick, and Good Mourning with Machine Gun Kelly. Her next big outing will be in The Expendables 4, the last movie for Sylvester Stallone in that franchise before he fully passes the mercenary baton to Jason Statham. That movie is supposed to be out this year.

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