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Angelina Jolie Shows How to Wear PJs at the Airport

We’ve all been there: You have a painfully early flight, and you simply want to roll out of bed and head to the airport. Sure, airport style revolves around a comfortable outfit, but wearing straight up PJs seems a little too casual. Unless you’re Angelina Jolie. Today in London, the movie star was spotted arriving at London’s Heathrow Airport with son Pax in tow, and she wore a chic PJ look that struck the right balance between relaxed and polished.

She went the luxe route, slipping into Valentino’s silky top and trouser set in a delicious shade of chocolate brown. To keep with the ensemble’s effortless feel, she also wore Valentino Garavani’s brown leather slide sandals, which retail for $750 and are ideal for slipping on and off while going through metal detectors. (Good luck undoing strappy heels while going through a TSA line filled with impatient travelers.)

Around her shoulder, Jolie carried a glam carry-on bag: YSL’s jumbo quilted tote, which could fit everything you’d possibly need for a long international flight. We wonder what kind of flyer Jolie is. Is she a book reader? Movie watcher? Podcast listener? One thing’s for sure: She’s definitely the type to make everyone else aboard feel insanely underdressed.

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