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See Megan Fox Hang Out In A Sexy Black Bikini With A Kardashian

Megan Fox is no stranger to social media and social media definitely seems to like Megan Fox. In this way, the partnership appears to be working out in spectacular fashion. The actress and model has a penchant for posting just the kind of things fans want to see and there’s a reason she’s amassed one of the biggest Instagram followings out there. Whether it’s baring just enough skin or showing off a new fashion line, Megan Fox has a certain hold where the platform is concerned. And her latest post highlights as much. In it, she’s with Kourtney Kardashian and the two are posing in a way that’s definitely letting the camera work for them and not the other way around. Check out what Megan Fox has to post on Instagram this week:

According to Megan Fox, this is a behind-the-scenes shot of her and Kourtney Kardashian from their Skims shoot. Skims is a line of bodysuits that can trend on the sexier side, to say the least. The fashion line is owned by Kim Kardashian, Kourtney’s sister so the pairing makes sense here. And Megan Fox plays up the partnership between her and the Kardashians, implying that they could take things to the next level and start an OnlyFans site. Not that anyone here would necessarily need to go that route, but a comment like that is just the kind of thing that would stir up the fanbase on the mere mention.

As of this writing, the Megan Fox post had gained massive traction on Instagram. It has more than 3.8 million likes and counting. Even for Megan Fox, that’s a pretty big number. The actress has more than 20 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the bigger accounts out there. But it still pales in comparison to the aforementioned Kardashians who are among the most followed in the whole world. Currently, Kim Kardashian ranks seventh overall with 327 million followers while Khloe, relatively speaking, isn’t so far behind with 266 million. Kourtney brings up the rear in this group with 193 million followers, ranking her 19th in the world. Must be fun to talk about at family dinners.

It had been a couple of weeks since Megan Fox last posted on Instagram and that one was of her walking the streets in a bright green get-up that was sure to have heads turning. And before that, she posted a crazy video from Fashion Week that had her eating donuts of all things. All of these saw equally massive engagement.

On the acting side of things, Megan Fox remains pretty busy. Coming up she’s set to appear in The Expendables 4 which will be the last movie in the franchise for Sylvester Stallone. That flick was expected this year though the timeline for its release isn’t quite known. And she’s also set to star as a villain in Johnny & Clyde, a reimagining of the iconic bank robbers’ story. In the meantime, we know she’ll keep the good times rolling on Instagram.

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