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Angelina Jolie reveals things she holds near her heart amid Brad Pitts’ romance rumours

Angelina Jolie delights fans as she gives them a rare glimpse into the things she truly treasures

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, who rarely shares insights of either her family life or peeks into her home, amazed fans as she gave them a rare glimpse into the things she truly treasures.

The Maleficent actress took to Instagram to share with fans a very special photo she has framed in her residence that she holds near her heart, honoring one of her favorite artists.

The post captures a photo of a polaroid portrait of Jolie posing alongside popular contemporary artist Ai Weiwei, who is a beloved fixture in the art community.

The snap, which was captured in Italy, sees the actress donning her signature oversized black sunglasses, smiling as she poses next to the Chinese documentarian.

She shared the photo alongside a heartfelt tribute to Ai, writing in her caption: “I have this up in my home. Makes me smile and think of the brave creative spirit that is Ai Weiwei.”

Then she added: “My friend @jr took this when we all found each other in Venice and Ai was beginning the project that is now being shown.”

He unveiled his first-ever sculptures in glass, which were three years in the making, honoring the exhibition’s location by utilizing Murano glass for the impressive project.

Angelina’s fans loved the rare insight into her home and passions beyond acting, taking to the comments to write: “That is amazing,” and: “Beautifully creative,” as well as: “Quite impressive!”

Angelina’s post comes after her ex-husband Brad Pitt sparked romance rumours with supermodel Emily Ratajkowski .

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