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Gigi Hadid Is Glowing in Happy Candid Photos Taken by Sister Bella

Gigi Hadid has been laying low for a few months now, rarely sharing snippets from her private life on social media—but in a new series of candid photos taken by her sister Bella Hadid, the supermodel looks happy and radiant.

The mom of one shared an Instagram carousel last night featuring the images, all of which show her lounging in bed in a sheer, lacy black top that shows off her bare torso, and layers of pearls and gold chokers. She is fresh-faced, her nails are left unpainted, and her long hair falls in messy waves over her shoulders—the ultimate off-duty look.

As her younger sister took her photo, Gigi lounged casually over the white sheets and later smiled widely upon seeing the images of herself on her phone.

“Summer on mulberry st. 🍕 by my @bellahadid ❤️‍🔥,” she captioned the post.

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Gigi is not one to share intimate photos on her Instagram, but rather uses the platform to showcase her work: magazine covers, fashion collaborations, and red-carpet designer looks. Bella, on the other hand, has become known for her quirky photo dumps.

Last week, the Kin Euphorics partner shared an Instagram carousel featuring both steamy and sweet photos from her camera roll. The snaps included a shot of her in a gallery with a little colorfully dressed girl, one of her shining a red light on her face while aboard a plane, one of her makeup station covered in healing crystals, and a pic of her reading on an airplane.

She also shared a sexy selfie of her bare torso and underboob as seen from below, and another of her lounging in a white bed in a teeny white string bikini, messy hair, and no makeup.

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