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Megan Fox wants ‘quieter, less chaotic life,’ tired of MGK’s ‘childish ways’

Megan Fox 'wants a break from Machine Gun Kelly and his drama,' claims source

Megan Fox has developed issues with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s  “attention-seeking” stunts as she wants to have a “quieter” and “less-chaotic” life.

The loved up couple raised eyebrows after MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, was nowhere to be seen on the Transformers star Instagram’s latest feed.

Now, an insider told Heat Magazine that the pair may very well be “on the rocks” as the actor has had enough of her fiance’s immature ways.

“Megan wanted a break from Colson and his drama,” the source said before adding that the actor is growing increasingly tired of Kelly’s “childish ways.”

“She only went to one or two of his early tour dates, and that kind of sent him off the deep end and resulted in a lot of tense FaceTime calls while he was on the road,” the insider shared.

“As much as Megan loves him, she finds his attention-seeking and his ego hard to take at times,” the outlet noted.

“At the end of the day, Megan wants a quieter, less chaotic life, and she’s made it clear to Colson he needs to treat her a lot better than some glorified rock groupie.”

The speculations have been around for quite some time now as previously fans took to Twitter to point out that Fox and MGK may have broken up.

“Looks like Megan finally dropped MGK. They haven’t posted about one another in what seems forever,” one fan wrote.

“As weird as they were, I loved them together. They seems to fit perfectly together. Looks like they’re over for good sadly,” another added.

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