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Kylie Jenner copies ‘what cool kids do’ but fans think she’s number one trend-setter

Kylie Jenner has taken to TikTok to share a ‘get ready with me’-style video, claiming that it’s what she sees the “cool kids do.” However, she has no idea how many fans think she is the number one trend-setter…

The Kardashian family are incredibly influential, whether it’s their style, slogans or even when it comes down to what they eat. So when Kylie gave her followers an insight into how she chooses an outfit, they were obsessed.

With many urging her to continue doing those type of videos, there was an influx of comments from fans telling her that, in actual fact, they think she is the “cool kid” who are setting the rules for everyone else.

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Jenner shares ‘get ready with me’

Kylie took to TikTok on September 7th to randomly post a ‘get ready with me’ video. She was seen trying on a baggy pair of black jeans that she admitted may be from the men’s section, and a black tank top.

The Kardashian star wasn’t sure if the top was too long at first, wanting to bare her midriff a little, but then decided she actually did like its length. In a hilarious interruption to her own post, she pointed out that “Fredrick” (her fly) appeared.

With 3.9M likes in less than 24 hours, it’s clear just how influential the Jenner sister is. She appeared to shoot the video in her bathroom, which featured shelves of products from her Kylie Cosmetics brand and six towels on the top shelf.

‘Kylie, you’re the cool kid’

Kylie noted that shooting a ‘get ready with me’ style video is what she has seen “the cool kids do.” Little does she know that the majority of her fans see her as the ‘cool kid’, and ultimately turn to her for fashion advice.

When she shared the video, many followers picked up on the phrase said by Kylie. One commented, “Kylie YOU are “the cool kids”!”, while another said: “What else are the cool kids doing?”

“Like all the cool kids are doing”💀😭😭,” reacted a fan who agrees that Kylie is most definitely cool. Many see Kylie as the ultimate trendsetter, with several feeling as though they could not pull the same jeans off.

The star’s shoe size revealed

Kylie is a size eight (UK size 6) in shoes. Her followers began questioning what size shoes she wears after she shared the video, which saw her try on a colourful pair of sneakers to brighten up her black outfit.

In 2012, Kylie joked that she wishes she had the same shoe size as Khloe, who has larger feet than her younger sister at size 10 (UK size 8). All over Twitter, fans are sharing their joy that they have the same foot length as the Kardashian.

The Jenner sister has bigger feet than some of her sisters, such as Kourtney, who only has size five feet, and Kim, who is only slightly smaller than Kylie as she wears size seven shoes.

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