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What Angelina Jolie Has Said About Her First Husband, Jonny Lee Miller

Fans want to know everything about these two nowadays.

Since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016, the Oscar-winning actress has pretty much moved on with her life. She has remained busy with her children and work this whole time (although she hasn’t been taking on directing gigs for now).

At the same time, it also seems that Jolie is rekindling the past a bit after she was spotted visiting actor Jonny Lee Miller a couple of times recently. Of her first ex-husband, the actress has good things to say even after their marriage ended.

A Timeline of Angelina Jolie And Jonny Lee Miller’s Relationship

Jolie and Miller first met on the set of the 1995 film Hackers and as director Iain Softley, their chemistry was evident even during the casting process which saw both of them test with other actors. “But in the scenes where Angie is with another actor, or Jonny is with another actress, they’re great,” Softley recalled during an interview with Collider. “But when you see them together, it’s unbelievable, the electricity that just pops out of the screen.”

The film also featured a sex scene that was later cut from the movie. Behind the scenes, filming it also nearly became awkward, but Jolie and Miller worked together to make sure that it wasn’t the case. “In Hackers, there was a scene – cut out – where I am supposedly making love to Jonny’s character and all the film crew see my breasts. I am very angular, with a D-cup breast, and all the guys started looking away,” Jolie said while speaking with The Sun. “I was there with my top off but the male crew were embarrassed and they didn’t want to stare. Jonny Lee Miller and I kept things quiet about what was happening between us because it was still important that the guys in the film would feel they could hang out with me.”

Around this time, the crew could also sense that was a degree of attraction between the two, but it was understood to be platonic. “Everyone could see we liked each other, but nothing more,” Jolie recalled. That said, it seemed that Softley sensed the relationship between Jolie and Miller could evolve into something more. As he once told Nerdist of the former couple, “Sparks fly.”

After working on the film together, Miller and Jolie reconnected soon enough. And then, an unconventional engagement happened. “We both proposed to each other and both had questions to ask,” Jolie recalled. “I wondered if we should stay engaged for a while, since he was going to be in Britain and I would stay in LA. But we went for a quick wedding.”

The small ceremony was only attended by Jolie’s mother, the late Marcheline Bertrand and Miller’s best friend. For the wedding, Jolie wore leather pants and a white shirt with Miller’s name written in her own blood. “It’s your husband. You’re about to marry him,” the actress once told The New York Times. “You can sacrifice a little to make it really special.”

Upon getting married, Miller left London to be with Jolie in Los Angeles. For the most part, they were able to lead a normal life together since there wasn’t much public fascination surrounding Jolie (or Miller) yet. “Well, there wasn’t one, because we were both completely unknown,” Miller explained during an interview with Stuff. “Angie wasn’t…it was pre all that.”

Unfortunately, work would eventually cause a strain in their marriage. Of that time, Jolie recalled, “We were living side by side, but we had separate lives.” The decision was later made to divorce after being married for 18 months. And although things ended rather quickly, the was never any ill will between the two. “There are no regrets and no bitterness,” Miller once said in an interview, according to “Marriage was something that didn’t work out, and I had to make the decision sooner or later. I decided to make it sooner.” Meanwhile, Jolie said, “I really wanted to be his wife. I really wanted to commit.” Later in 2004, Jolie also told B magazine that divorcing from Miller “was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

Here’s What She’s Said About Her First Husband

Since splitting up, Jolie and Miller went on with their lives although they remained in touch. In fact, the former couple even attended the screening of the documentary Peace One Day together in 2005. They also together on the film. Several years later, Miller was also spotted attending the premiere of Jolie’s film, In the Land of Blood and Honey.

At the same time, Jolie continued to speak fondly of her first husband. In fact, the actress told People that Miller was “a solid man and a solid friend.” Interestingly, the actress also once said that she is open to the idea of rekindling her romance with Miller. “He deserves more than I am prepared to give at this time in my life, but there is a very good possibility that we could get married again some time in the future,” Jolie remarked.

For his part, Miller has remained mum about his ex although the actor admitted, “Yeah – we’re still friends.” And when asked to comment on Jolie’s most recent divorce, Miller refused to say anything more.

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