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Megan Fox just dyed her hair ‘Barbie’ ice blonde for autumn – and we’re obsessed

Other than her incredible acting skills, Megan Fox is – pretty much – known for her signature aesthetic. And yes, whilst you may picture that to be, well, a bit vampiric (read: drinking blood out of goblets), we’re talking about her long dark hair. After all, she’s had the same locks for as long as we can remember, not including her short summer stint as a pink-haired Barbie, ofc.

Now though, Megan has only gone and changed up her look and it’s the perfect icy blonde shade for the autumnal months. Yep, you read that right; she’s only gone and bleached her hip-skimming lengths.

An audible gasp did in fact occur this morning after seeing Meg’s go-to hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, debut the new ashy blue-blonde tone on Instagram. Taking to the main grid to share not one, but two posts, Dimitris wrote: ‘New hair who dis? ladies and gentlemen MEGAN FOX 🔥’ and even named her ‘SPY BARBIE MEGAN FOX 🔥’. I mean, it certainly is giving Barbie-meets-007 vibes, fo’ sure.

While her choice of colour may be surprising (seeing as many tend to opt for darker hair come autumn/winter), the cool tones blended with her dark shadow root definitely meet the frosty criteria. All in all, she’s spooky szn READY.

Now, as much as we’d love to believe that all of these locks are Megan’s long-grown natural lengths, it has to be considered that this look may in fact include extensions. That or it could be a wig altogether! I guess only time will reveal Meg and Dimitris’ secrets.

Nevertheless, wig or not, we think that this hair, as one fan puts it, is:’Absolutely 🖤🖤 fire’.

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