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Wonder Woman 3 Development Gets Promising Update

Work on Wonder Woman 3 is moving along nicely, according to a new report.

Work on DC sequel Wonder Woman 3 is moving along nicely, according to a new report by The Hollywood Reporter. “A scriptment for Wonder Woman 3 by Patty Jenkins is expected imminently,” reads the report, meaning that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has been successfully putting pen to paper in order to craft the next adventure of Gal Gadot’s superhero.

While there has been plenty of behind-the-scenes drama at Warner Bros., with fans left wondering which other projects might next be dragged to the chopping block, it sounds like Wonder Woman 3 is in safe hands. The sequel to Wonder Woman 1984 was officially greenlit back in 2020, with both lead star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins both set to return.

Returning director Patty Jenkins, who so far has helmed both movies in the Wonder Woman franchise, recently offered an update on where she’s at with the script for the threequel. “And so, where I said that I was only going to do one, then oh my god, I have to do two. And then, I find myself saying, ‘Oh my god, I’m antsy to do three.’ And so, even now, I say, ‘That’s it’ because I always plan a three-movie arc,” she said earlier this month. “There is a story that goes through these three different movies as a whole. But even now, I just wrote last week the final scene of Wonder Woman 3 and I thought, I might be interested to see what happens next. So you’ll never know. They have asked us to think of ways to do more and it accidentally happens. But you’ll never know. I have a lot of other films that I’m excited to do as well. And I love Gal Gadot so that makes it better too.”

Gal Gadot Wants Wonder Woman 3 to Take Place in the Present Day

Gal Gadot made her big-screen debut as Wonder Woman back in 2017, with her first outing throwing her into the midst of World War I, during which she becomes involved in the conflict while hunting down Ares, a long-time enemy of the Amazons and the one she believes to be the cause of the Great War. A sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, followed in 2020 and saw Gadot’s superpowered warrior living during the height of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and finds Diana coming into conflict with not one, but two formidable foes in the form of Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah, and the mysterious media mogul, Maxwell Lord.

Plot details for Wonder Woman 3 are currently being kept under wraps, but Gal Gadot has previously expressed her desire to leave the past behind and follow Diana Prince into the modern world. “I wouldn’t go, like, to the ’60s or to the ’40s with Wonder Woman,” Gadot explained. “I feel like the past has been handled well, and now it’s time to move on.”

Wonder Woman 3 is far from the only DC outing on the horizon. A script for a sequel to The Flash has reportedly been written, and a Man of Steel 2 is also now reportedly in the works with Henry Cavill set to return.

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