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Yolanda Hadid Explained Why She Told Daughter Gigi Hadid To Eat Two Almonds On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Almost 10 years later, Almondgate rages on. Yolanda Hadid was considered controversial on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her stoic persona and quest to improve her health after a Lyme Disease diagnosis divided both cast members and fans. But nothing follows Yolanda around like a comment she made to her now-supermodel daughter, Gigi Hadid.

In one infamous scene when Gigi called her mom from a modeling shoot, Yolanda gave some terrible advice. Gigi told Yolanda, “I’m feeling really weak, I had like, half an almond.” Yolanda, who had just finished surgery to get her breast implants removed, advised Gigi to “have a couple of almonds and chew them really well.”

Now Yolanda wants to explain herself. The former housewife told People, “This is taken so far out [of context]. This was a small little clip from [Real] HousewivesGigi was calling because she wasn’t feeling good and I apparently said, half asleep, ‘Have two almonds.’ I don’t even remember why two or what. There was no rhyme or reason to it. It’s such a silly narrative that is out there, that has nothing to do with the reality of our lives.”

Yolanda, who is also a former model, continued, “I’d just got out of a six hour surgery to have my breast implants removed. The cameras were there because I wanted to bring awareness to the danger of breast implants.”
Despite her explanation, this wasn’t the only time RHOBH viewers caught Yolanda monitoring Gigi’s eating habits. During Gigi’s birthday party, Gigi was excited to eat her own birthday cake. To which Yolanda told her, “You can have one night of being bad. And then, you’ve got to get back on your diet.”
A recent TikTok Yolanda made reignited the controversy. It featured her walking around her Pennsylvania farm, eating from a large bowl of almonds. She captioned the photo #worstmomever. But TikTok wasn’t laughing and the video was quickly flagged. A warning on the video stated, “Participating in this activity could result in getting you or others hurt.”
Yolanda defended herself, saying, “I always have a bag of almonds or a different kind of nut in my bag because when my blood sugar drops, I can grab a hand of nuts and eat them. It’s really good for that. But it’s not that I use it as a diet food. I don’t believe in diets anyway.”

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