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Astragal: Keanu Reeves studying to become an architect

Actor Keanu Reeves is to take on what could be his most challenging role to date – playing an architect

When Keanu Reeves isn’t making unexpected guest appearances at weddings, he likes to make the odd Hollywood film or two. But soon the actor is to swap the silver screen for the small screen in the role of an architect. Thanks to his penchant for black clothes, he has the costume down already.

The Matrix star is to appear as US architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham in The Devil in the White City, a forthcoming TV series based on Erik Larson’s 2003 book of the same title about the staging of the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893.

On the page, Burnham’s viewpoint is interweaved with the story of serial killer HH Holmes. At least it looks like the architect isn’t the baddie for once.

Greenwich Design District canteen springs a leak

The Greenwich Design District boasts that its canteen, designed by Madrid-based SelgasCano, is a ‘venue like no other — a vibrant, architecturally significant destination’. Sceptics may ponder  whether  these attributes really are unique, but how about this: following recent downpours, the one-year-old building let in rain, falling in fat drops from the ceiling.

An AJ informer – who noted the 22-year-old Millennium Dome next door has no history of leaks – said the ingress appears to come from the top of the building, where pools sit above stitching in the plastic façade. ‘I was booted off the top deck at 9pm,’ he reported. ‘It was soon roped off and an army of moppers appeared.’ Knight Dragon, the developer behind the Greenwich Design District, confessed to the leak and said it had been ‘scheduled for repair’.



SelasCano’s Greenwich Design District Canteen

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