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See Gal Gadot In An Unbuttoned Blouse Without Pants

One of the reasons Gal Gadot made such a great Wonder Woman is that she has the qualities of both uncompromising beauty and uncompromising strength. These days, the changing shape of the DC Universe under the direction of James Gunn has left Gadot’s future as a superhero uncertain. However, this recent Instagram post from Gadot shows that she doesn’t need to be on a big screen to be both beautiful and influential!

In the image, we see Gal Gadot posing on a couch or other cushioned chair. She has leveled her piercing gaze directly at the camera. Of course, you may be forgiven for not noticing that gaze right away because of what she is wearing (or, more accurately, what she’s not wearing).

Her blouse is unbuttoned, giving the photo a kind of casual flair with hints of sexiness. Eventually, though, Gal Gadot got tired of merely dropping hints. Maybe that’s why she’s posing with no pants, helping to showcase the kind of legs that sped Wonder Woman through the battlefield in her debut movie.

Beyond these visual details of Gal Gadot, we don’t have much context for this image. She provided no caption to go along with it, and it’s entirely possible she was just feeling confident and wanted to share the moment with her fans. And speaking of her fans, Gadot may be using Instagram to reassure fans during a relatively dark time in her career.

Shortly before she posted this sexy image, Gal Gadot posted an image of herself from the original Wonder Woman movie. Attached to the image was a long caption about how she was celebrating the anniversary of the first announcement that she would be bringing the famous Amazonian warrior to life. And the caption concluded with Gadot expressing gratitude to her legion of fans and saying how she can’t wait to share Wonder Woman’s next adventure with all of them.

gal gadot wonder woman 1984
Gal Gadot in a promotional image for Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

That last comment set off more speculation about the role Gal Gadot would be playing in James Gunn’s largely-rebooted DC universe. Recently, it was confirmed that Warner Bros. would not be moving forward with Patty Jenkin’s third Wonder Woman movie. Given the other studio shake-ups (including giving the boot to fan-favorite and all-around Superman Henry Cavill), many concluded that Gal Gadot was also getting replaced.

Here’s where it starts to get weird, though. While James Gunn has made no official announcements regarding Gal Gadot and her future as Wonder Woman, he did reply to a critic’s Instagram post by saying he doesn’t know why that person thinks he “booted” Gadot. Between Gunn’s comment and Gadot writing that she is excited to share another Wonder Woman adventure with us, it looks like she may get back into the Wonder Woman suit sooner rather than later.

When that happens, the legion of Gal Gadot fans will be quite happy. And as for Gadot herself, it looks like she’s more than ready to be Wonder Woman again in this photo. Maybe that’s why she decided to skip wearing any pants!

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