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“Scarlett is pissed that he’s not under her spell anymore”: Scarlett Johansson Was Reportedly Furious After Ryan Reynolds Married Blake Lively One Year After Their Divorce

When you take one of the most beautiful women in the Hollywood industry and pair her up with one of the most handsome men in the industry, you would get a pair that some might call a power couple. This was actually the case back when Scarlett Johansson was married to the Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds many years back. It is hard to think of it now as the two have been separated for a long time now.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson when they were married
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson when they were married

Now, Ryan Reynolds is considered a part of a different power couple, as he is a happily married man to Blake Lively. As of this day, both of them are going strong in their relationship with each other, having a family of three daughters with one more child expected down the road. While the industry and the fans may be happy for the two of them, it seems like this is not the case with Reynolds’ ex-wife.

Scarlett Johansson Is Jealous Of Ryan Reynold’s Relationship?

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Ryan Reynolds with Blake Lively

Being together with each other from 2008 to 2011, Scarlett Johansson seemed to have a good relationship with her then-husband Ryan Reynolds, that’s why when the couple filed for divorce after coordinating with each other, many were shocked to hear the news as everything seemed fine on the outside. But still, there were rumors that Blake Lively and Reynolds might have had an affair on the set of Green Lantern, which might’ve been the cause for their divorce.

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Whatever might be the case, the couple split up regardless in 2011, which was also the time when Lively and Reynolds officially started dating. And within no time, both of them were married in 2012, and have been married to this day with creating a happy family. Although the divorce was mutual, it seems like the Black Widow star still holds some hidden feelings for her ex-husband, and is also likely a little jealous of the both of them.

A report from a source for the US Weekly told the magazine that there could’ve been a possibility of Johansson and Reynolds getting together. They said:

“Scarlett is pissed that he’s not under her spell anymore, She realized what a great catch Ryan was. Ryan would have gotten back with her. He was so totally in love. But then she flaunted Sean right after their split, and he was done.”

If this would’ve happened at the time, then both of the superstars could’ve become part of the MCU together, but alas, that’s not what fate seemed to have in mind.

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Where Are They Now?

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson as part of the MCU

As for their personal lives, both of them are happily married to their partners. While Reynolds is married to Lively, Johansson has also been married to the host of Saturday Night Live Colin Jost. As for their professional career, Johansson made her last appearance as Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow, while Reynolds is all set to make his MCU appearance in the upcoming Deadpool 3 alongside Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

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Deadpool 3, in cinemas on 8 November 2024

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