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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Reportedly in Couples Therapy Daily to Try to Save Relationship

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are very much still working through their issues and figuring out whether they should stay together or break up for good, Page Six reports. A source told the outlet that the two have sought professional help for this process, and they are dedicated to seeing it out.

A source said Kelly and Fox are “talking to a couples therapist every day via Zoom. Megan feels that they must give therapy a shot before making any permanent decisions.”

The musician and actress got engaged a year ago. They reportedly had a big fight during Super Bowl weekend that led Fox to take her ring off.

A source previously told Page Six on February 17 that they had ended their relationship: “They are broken up, but Megan is seeing where they stand. She wants to see what they can salvage.”

That update came after a source told People on February 14, They are speaking and trying to work things out.” People‘s source described Fox as “still upset” and figuring out her future with Kelly.

“She was never one to casually date,” the source said. “She is with him because she believes it’s a long-term relationship. She isn’t just gonna give up on their relationship. There are trust issues and this causes conflicts right now. Megan is taking one day at a time.”

On February 19, Fox shut down speculation, which she had partly fueled on her Instagram, that cheating was involved.

During Super Bowl weekend, Fox had taken down almost all her photos with Machine Gun Kelly, unfollowed him on the social media platform, and posted an image with the Beyoncé lyric, “You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath,” from her Lemonade song “Pray You Catch Me.” (The album was about Jay-Z’s infidelity.) Fans and outlets started speculating the two might have broken up, and Fox disabled her Instagram shortly after.

The actress reactivated her account a week later, removing all her posts and just sharing her February 19 statement, which said: “There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind. That includes but is not limited to…actual humans, DMs, AI bots or succubus demons. While I do hate to rob you of running random baseless news stories that would have been much more accurately written by ChatGPT, you need to let this story die and leave all of these innocent people alone now.”

Fox has since taken her statement post down, and her Instagram currently has no posts.

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