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Warner Bros. Steps in to Save Marvel Star Scarlett Johansson’s Scrapped $150M Rom-Com Movie After Netflix Cancellation

Starting her career in the entertainment industry as a story editor and screenwriter. Nancy Meyers soon made her directorial debut with The Father of the Bride, a rom-com film that became a Box Office success. Meyers quickly made a prominent name for herself in the rom-com genre by directing several popular films such as It’s Complicated, The Holiday, The Parent Trap, and many more.

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Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers was planning to make another rom-com film with a star-studded cast for Netflix with a $130 million budget. However, the streaming company decided to pull the plug when the filmmaker demanded a higher budget, eventually parting ways with her. But in a new piece of news, it is stated that Nancey Meyers is in talks with Warner Bros. for the project. 

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Is Nancy Meyers in Talk With Warner Bros. for her New Rom-Com Movie?

In an exclusive report from Deadline, Nancy Meyers is in early talks with Warner Bros. about her project. The sources tell that no deal has been finalized yet and both parties are in the preliminary stages of talking, and they stressed that there is something to it.

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It was earlier reported that the primary reason Netflix decided to cancel The Intern filmmaker’s film was that the budget exceeded and more than half of it was going to the cast members. Meyers was asking for a budget of $150 million. Since neither party decided to budge, Netflix decided to cancel the film. When Netflix turned down Nancy Meyers’ request to increase the budget for her rom-com project, she was unhesitant to take her project to other studios.

And by the looks of it, Warner Bros. is looking like the front-runner to land the film because they have deep attachments. The studio worked with Nancy Meyers for her last project, The Intern, which was well-praised by the audience and critics alike.

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Details About Nancy Meyers’ Upcoming Film

Nancey Meyers’ upcoming film is titled Paris Paramount, the film unfolds the story of a creative filmmaking duo who meet again on a set after they fell in and out of love with each other. Major details such as the cast of the film are not announced yet, but it was stated that the filmmaker was in talks with Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Owen Wilson, and Michael Fassbender to be a part of the film, but it is unsure because she still has not received her desired budget of the film.

The Intern, a rom-com movie by Nancy Meyers
A still from The Intern

Nevertheless, watching Nancy Meyers’ film are always a delight to watch because of her marvelous film writing skills which create a gripping plot perfect for a rom-com movie. The filmmaker creates round characters, with witty dialogues that help the audience on understanding relationships and personal growth.

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Is the Addition of Scarlett Johansson a Good Idea for Paris Paramount?

Adding Scarlett Johansson to Nancy Meyers’ upcoming project is a fantastic idea. The Lost in Translation actress has worked in a variety of genres, from action and sci-fi to romance and drama. Scarlett Johansson has showcased her versatility as an actress by showcasing complex emotions and drama with ease.

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Scarlett Johansson

Additionally, she has great comic timing, which the audience has witnessed in her films like Lost in Translation, and The Nanny Diaries. Overall, the addition of Scarlett Johansson would be a great choice for the film.

The Intern can be streamed on Netflix.

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