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Megan Fox Debuts A Major Red Hair Transformation

Burgundies, sunsets, merlots, and apricots — red hair of all iterations have been a mainstay shade since the start of 2021. And if you thought the red reign was over, think again: Megan Fox is out to reinvigorate the trend. Fox stepped out at an Oscars 2023 afterparty, having traded her raven lengths for a copper cut that fell a few inches past her shoulders, the warming tone setting the bar for prospective red-hair enthusiasts everywhere.

Megan Fox Debuts A Major Red Hair Transformation
Photo: Courtesy of Jacob Schwartz/@jacobschwartzhair

After debating several crimson variants, coloyrist Jacob Schwartz settled on a deep copper, the colour landing between stylised and nearly natural with help from Redken’s new Colour Gels Oils. A centre parting, along with a signature power brow, over-lined lip, and flawlessly contoured face, kept the moment distinctively Fox, the new shade serving to set off her features — and mark a new turn. Amid the swirling rumours around her (very public) relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, a solo debut and the makeover to match certainly makes a spit-fire statement.

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