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Did Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’ accidentally foreshadow Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s break-up?

How do you find out if a celebrity couple is on the rocks? Some Hollywood experts scour red carpet photos for clues. But sometimes, you can just watch a Bravo reality show.

History is littered with situations where a reality TV appearance backfires, or make things really uncomfortable for future viewings. Joining the list is Bravo’s renovation and real estate show “Flipping Out,” which aired an episode last week that featured designer Jeff Lewis renovating a $5 million house for stars Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Now, a week later, Us Weekly confirmed that they are splitting up after five years of marriage.

Yet this wasn’t a total shock to some eagle-eyed viewers, who noticed something was up on the penultimate Season 8 episode of “Flipping Out” last Wednesday, with the unfortunate title “Trouble in Paradise.” Green had appeared earlier on the season premiere to task Lewis and his team to renovate a giant house in Camarillo, Calif., for his family. (He and Fox have two young sons.) So then Green returned, solo, to check in on the status as Lewis and his design partner-in-crime Jenni Pulos got into the details.

Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos on “Flipping Out.” (Nicole Wilder/Bravo)

First, Green requested that the personalized basketball court be decorated garishly in Los Angeles Lakers colors and logos. Lewis was visibly horrified, but Green insisted. “I’m a Lakers fan, it’s L.A. I’m sorry. It’s my court,” Green told him. Lewis shuddered. “Does Megan know about this?” he asked.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star appeared to tense up at the mention of his wife. “Oh, yeah,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll ask her then,” Lewis replied casually.

Green glared at him. “What the f—, man?” he snapped.

That awkward scene makes a bit more sense if you take Us Weekly’s timeline — which states that Fox initiated the split six months ago — and know the show filmed from November 2014 through this past April. (Though no word on when Green’s scene specifically was shot.)

Things got worse later in the episode when, deep into renovation, Lewis revealed that Green and Fox changed their minds and weren’t moving in.

Over the weekend, Brian and Megan broke the news to me that they are not going to move into the house and that she wants to sell it,” Lewis said sadly. “I didn’t expect that kind of move.”

He went on to speculate that because Fox recently starred in the hit “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie, their financial situation changed and maybe they wanted to upgrade from a $5 million house.

Driving with Pulos, Lewis called Green on speakerphone and the two had a terse conversation. Lewis told him that he could either stop working on the house and they would lose $500,000 — or he could finish it, and then the couple could make $500,000. Obviously, Green chose the second option, and Lewis agreed to keep renovations going — and added that he could always change his mind. “Sounds awesome. You guys are the best,” Green said.

“Who knows which way the wind will blow, Brian, in a year,” Pulos said.

“Don’t lose hope, Brian,” Lewis called out.

“Never give up on love, Brian!” Pulos joked, which is now quite unfortunate in the wake of how things played out.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the split news, viewers are not shocked. It all worked out quite well for Bravo, which got some extra publicity before the “Flipping Out” season finale on Wednesday night.

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