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Brian Austin Green Has Only Positive Things To Say About Co-Parenting With Megan Fox Amidst Her Drama With MGK

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green continue to co-parent their kids as the Machine Gun Kelly saga continues on.

For as long as there have been famous people there have been celebrity couples. There’s something about seeing A-listers paired that fans really respond to, although it can make their private relationship into a very public matter. Megan Fox knows this all too well, as she’s made countless headlines for her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly– which seems like it’s in jeopardy. But her ex Brian Austin Green has only positive things to say about co-parenting with Fox amidst her drama with MGK.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had an on and off again relationship (and marriage) that lasted well over a decade. While the two split up for good back in May of 2020, they’ve continued to co-parent their three children. The Beverly Hills 90210 icon recently spoke to Us Magazine about this process, which doesn’t seem to be interrupted by the ongoing Machine Gun Kelly drama. In his words,

I think people make a mistake in life of thinking that it’s not going to affect the kids if they do a certain thing, and it’s going to affect the kids no matter what. The only thing you really have control over is how it affects the kids, and luckily, Megan and I have been fantastic. Megan and Sharna have a fantastic relationship.

There you have it. While Megan Fox is seemingly living in at time of some uncertainty, the co-parenting of her children seems secure. What’s more, Brian Austin Green even revealed that his current partner Sharna Burgess and the Jennifer’ Body star have a great relationship as well. Talk about maturity.

Brian Austin Green’s comments to Us Magazine offer a peek behind the curtain on what it’s been like raising kids with Megan Fox after their break-up. It sounds like the two celebs took a page out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book, and found a way to co-parent while consciously uncoupling. In the same interview, Sharna Burgess shared her perspective about how Fox and Green have made it work, saying

These are actually Brian’s words — it’s gotta be about the kids. It’s not about us, it’s not about the adults, it’s about what’s best for them every single time. And what’s best for them is that we have a good relationship, that we all get along and that we take their feelings into account with what they want.

Talk about maturity. It seems like Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have cracked the code in raising kids after their break-up. They’re putting the children first, despite what’s going on interpersonally in their lives. And even their partners seem on board.

Of course, it remains to be seen in Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly will be able to reconcile their relationship. Things seemingly blew up over Super Bowl weekend, where she deleted his photos on social media before (temporarily) deactivating her Instagram. The two have reportedly been in therapy, but Fox has been seen out without her engagement ring.

Megan Fox has some exciting projects coming down the line including Expendables 4. Brian Austin Green recently appeared in Netflix’s That ‘90s Show, and also has three upcoming movies. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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