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Spooky! Megan Fox Is Covered in Blood While Posing With Bald James Franco

"Megan Fox is the best!" the Pineapple Express star captioned the shot on his Instagram account

While Halloween may still be more than a week again, it looks like Megan Fox is already getting in to the spooky spirit!

James Franco took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a shot with the 28-year-old stunner, in which she’s sporting a long white dress which is covered in blood.

Giving the camera a haunting stare, the Transformers star also wears a white boa around her neck and pouts her lips in the pic. Meanwhile, Franco is seated on the staircase beside his pal, wrapping his arm around the bloodied beauty while sporting a bald head and bushy mustache.

“Megan Fox is the best!” the Pineapple Express star captioned the photo.

No word yet why Fox is sporting the creepy costume (unless Franco decided to spoil her Halloween outfit early), but if they are teaming up for a project, this wouldn’t be the first time, as the two previously co-starred in the 2011 environmental documentary Na Nai’a Legend of Dolphins.

In the meantime, both Franco and Fox have been busy with their respective projects as of late. The 36-year-old star will soon be seen on the big screen alongside Robert Pattinson and Nicole Kidman in the upcoming flick Queen of the Desert, and his film The Interview, which also stars Seth Rogen, hits theaters in December.

Likewise, Fox’s schedule has also been packed after welcoming her second son Bodhi earlier this year with hubby Bryan Austin Green. She later starred in the action flick Teenage Mutant Turtles, which hit theaters in August.

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