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“Ryan Reynolds and Blake are both…” – Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, Talks About Her Friendship With the Power Couple of Hollywood

In Hollywood, many are friends, and many are the opposite. However, there are some iconic friendships that always make us crave the same. For instance, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. But did you know Lively is friends with the Wonder Woman star, Gal Gadot as well and so is her husband, Ryan Reynolds? Wonder Woman gave us insights into her friendship with them.

It is now no news that the Canadian actor has now become a business tycoon. Recently, he sold his stakes in Mint Mobile to T-Mobile as well. And now, as Gal Gadot is on the same path, the father of four gave out some bits of advice to the actress, as reported by E! News. Recently, Gadot established her brand named Goodles. She shared the insights of her bond with the power couple while promoting her brand.

As the couple has established themselves as business-oriented celebrities as well, they had some pretty good pieces of advice to share with Gadot. “Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively both are very smart entrepreneurs, great friends,” said the Justice League actress. The Red Notice actor shared what it would take and the process he had been through to start his own business.

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Not only they shared interests but also time with their kids together as well.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Gal Gadot are indeed close friends

Becoming a mother is harder than becoming an entrepreneur, revealed the 37-year-old actress. Just 2 days before Valentine’s Day, the Gossip Girl star birthed the fourth child into their family. The Death on the Nile actress is also a mother of 3. Despite the geographical distance between them, Gadot and Reynolds do spend time together. Their children are also friends with each other. Even Lively also promoted Gadot’s newly established brand on her social media which made the Israeli actress extremely excited.

While sharing this amazing bond with Reynolds, the Fast & Furious actress could not stop gushing over the power couple.

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What are your thoughts about this beautiful friendship between Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern stars? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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