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Desperate interviewer begs Megan Fox for a kiss in most awkward TV segment ever

Transformers actress Megan Fox was trying her best to chat about her Hollywood career during promotion for one of her movies, but the interviewer had other plans

Megan Fox was left red-faced when an interviewer interrupted a TV segment to ask her for a kiss in one of the most awkward encounters ever caught on film.

The Jennifer’s Body alum didn’t look too happy in a resurfaced clip from 2009, in which Fox was out promoting the flick Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Chatting to Première Magazine, Megan started out asking the interviewer if he reads a lot of books.

“Because of the glasses?” he could be heard replying, before Megan admitted: “And the hair. You have like soft bangs.”

He was quick to brand her “mean”, insisting she was “making fun of him”.

Megan Fox was begged for a kiss during an awkward interview (Image: YOUTUBE)Megan snapped back: “No! You look like a smart guy. You’re gonna have the best questions.”

He replied: “It’s always the smart guy who never gets the girl.”

Things just got more awkward from there, as he pressed: “In the first Transformers, you were just like a toy – the girl of the boy.

“[Director] Michael Bay made you an icon. Are you aware?”

Megan clearly took that to heart when the interviewer came at her with his latest question, focusing on the sultry scene where the actress leaned over a motorcycle.

The interviewer did get his kiss… on the cheek (Image: YOUTUBE)

Losing her patience, she said: “Who can’t bend over a motorcycle! What did I do that was so special? It’s not like I was doing one-handed cartwheels or push-ups.”

But apparently even Megan’s skill at leaning over a bike wasn’t down to her.

The interviewer said: “It’s not really about what you did but what he [Bay] did, making you look gorgeous.”

Megan had the perfect response as she hit out: “Thank God for Michael Bay. If I could have Michael Bay with me every moment of every day I would, believe me.”

He then branded her a “sex icon”, to which Megan replied: “You are crazy.”

Megan Fox definitely held her own during the cringe segment (Image:

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“But you know it’s a step from playing in a movie like this to becoming a proper actress,” he added, which just seems cruel at this point.

If you thought it couldn’t get worse, buckle in – it does.

At the interview’s conclusion, the interviewer said: “I have one last thing. Please can you give me a kiss?”

A shell-shocked Megan asked: “On the mouth?!” – but thankfully he just meant his cheek.

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