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Jennifer Aniston Regrets Her First Big Purchase After ‘Friends’ – Here’s What She Bought & What Went Wrong

Jennifer Aniston has some regrets about the way she spent her first big paycheck after landing Friends.

The 54-year-old Murder Mystery actress starred as Rachel Green on the beloved sitcom starting in the ’90s.

During a recent interview, she opened up about her “first big splurge” and what went wrong with her purchase after the fact.

Speaking with PopSugar, Jennifer recalled buying a car with the money.

“There was a little white 280 SL Mercedes, and it was there for a long time,” she recalled. “I mean, it could have been over two years. And I always was like, ‘I can’t wait, someday, someday.’ And one day I bought it, and then I drove it and then drove it again, and it never drove again.”

She rapidly learned why the car had been gone unpurchased for so long.

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“It was a lemon, and that’s why it had been sitting there,” she explained. “I didn’t know any better to get it checked out, so that was just a nice 25-year-old mistake.”

If you missed it, Jennifer recently opened up about an old co-worker and the crush they had on her.

Watch Jennifer Aniston talk about her big purchase below…

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