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Despite Fighting Hard For Gal Gadot to Get Equal Pay, Dwayne Johnson Remained Silent When He Received Twice More Than Another Female Co-Star

Dwayne Johnson is among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. It’s not a surprise looking at the long list of his high-grossing movie projects over the years. It’s fair to say that Johnson commands hefty pay for his on-screen roles. Apart from this, he reportedly once fought tooth and nail for a female co-star to get equal pay. However, in another instance, The People’s Champ remained silent when he earned more than double amount of his co-actor for a famous movie.

It has been reported that he lobbied hard for Gal Gadot to receive equal pay in the 2021 Netflix movie Red Notice. Though Johnson got paid more than double the amount for his work in Jungle Cruise than Emily Blunt

Dwayne Johnson got paid more than double than this actress

The Brahma Bull received a gigantic sum of $22 million for his services in the Disney film. On the other hand, Blunt got paid $9 million for her work as per Although it was quite a high sum keeping in mind Hollywood’s standards. But surely pales in comparison to the huge amount that her real-life friend received.

The British actress has been a constant feature in the industry and might have commanded a better payout than what she received. Nevertheless, it’s hard to usurp the wrestler-turned-actor when it comes to the mammoth amount he receives for his work.

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