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Gal Gadot Is Being Flirty In A Black See-Through Top

Gal Gadot stuns at a Dior event in a black see-through top.

Gal Godot is showing off her fit figure in a lacy black see-through top in her latest Instagram post. She thanks Dior “for having me” as she poses with Maria Grazia Chiuri, the fashion brand’s creative director, who wears a black blazer and black blouse to match Gal Gadot’s top and the long, less transparent skirt that goes with it. Gadot completes her look with a pair of simple but classy black boots.

Now that Gal Gadot is such a big superstar, it is strange to think that it was once a big possibility that no one outside of Israel would ever hear about her. The Wonder Woman actress was born in Israel to Michael Gadot, an engineer, and Irit Gadot, a P.E. teacher. Their original last name was Greenstein, which they changed to “Gadot” before Gal was born as part of a process called Hebraization, in which a diaspora name (like Greenstein) is replaced by a Hebrew name.

The Jewish religion has always been an important part of Gal Gadot’s life. Her father is what is referred to as a “Sabra,” or a sixth-generation Jew born in Israel. Gadot and her younger sister, Dana, were brought up in what Gadot once described to the Sydney Morning Herald as a “very Jewish” household and family in Tel Aviv.

Also important to Gal Godot is physical fitness – which may just have been what helped her get her foot in the door in Hollywood. Before becoming an actress (something she says she “never planned on”), she was a dancer for 12 years, dancing multiple different styles like hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. She was always “very, very active” and had dreams of perhaps becoming a choreographer one day.

Instead, though, Gal Gadot entered the Miss Israel pageant at age 18 and won, setting her career on a whole other course. She modeled for a while in Milan before entering the Israeli Defense Force for two years, a requirement for Israeli citizens.

While in the military, Gal Gadot was taught to use a weapon, but she never used one on the battlefield. Instead, she worked in the gym as a combat instructor, teaching soldiers how to fight and helping them to stay in top physical shape. So, in that way, she took after her mother as a physical education instructor, something else she most likely never imagined herself doing.

gal gadot

After her time in the military was up, Gal Gadot briefly pursued international law before she was asked to audition for a James Bond movie. While that role wasn’t meant to be, she was instead cast as Gisele in a Fast and Furious film, for which she was able to persuade the director to not only give her more stunt scenes but to allow her to perform her own stunts.

From there, it was only a hop, skip, and a jump to becoming Wonder Woman, the role that brought her massive fame on a worldwide scale. Gal Gadot may not have originally seen herself as an actress, but luckily she gave it a shot anyway, as it is hard for fans to imagine anyone else wielding that Lasso of Truth now.

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