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Gal Gadot Experiences All the Emotions After Being Blindsided By Birthday Surprise

Gal Gadot may turn 38 on April 30, but her friends and family knew that, in order to successfully surprise her, they had to do a “pre-birthday surprise,” and it worked!

The star experienced a huge shock when she walked into what was likely her hotel room to find some dear friends wishing her a happy birthday.

Gadot shared the surprising moment, filmed by one of her friends, on Instagram, captioning it, “Pre Bday surprise 😝.”

In the video, at least three of Gadot’s friends are inside the room listening to her approach. They prepare in silence as Gadot’s husband, Jaron Varsano, opens the door for her.

Once Gadot finally notices who’s inside, she is so shocked that she starts shaking and screaming, and the door closes again, leaving her and Varsano in the hallway.

She finally catches her breath as the door opens again, kissing her husband and greeting her loved ones with her signature wide smile.

Going from supreme shock to realization to giddy happiness, Gadot experiences a spectrum of emotions in the sweet video.

Celebrity stylist Karla Welch commented on the video, “I was wondering who was screaming!!!! Hahaha amazing!”

Many more friends and fans wished the Wonder Woman actress a happy birthday in the comments.

“Surprises like those are what makes us feel alive and loved!!❤️❤️❤️,” read one reply.

Another commented, “I need this energy in my life!!”

Gadot will officially celebrate her birthday this Sunday, although she hasn’t shared if she has any special plans or not. It’s possible that she’ll just relax and use the day to spend quality time with her husband and three daughters, AlmaMaya, and Daniella.

Thankfully, the actress has a little break from work ahead of the release of Heart of Stone, her next project, which will come out on Netflix on Aug. 11.

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