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“He wants to be like Hitler”: Megan Fox Makes Wild Accusations Against Michael Bay Amidst Animal Cruelty Charges

Michael Bay has recently been charged with killing a pigeon in Italy and has since been charged by the authorities for the same. Five years ago while filming in the country, the director had allegedly killed a pigeon. He has since then been facing charges that have also been tried in terms of animal cruelty. However, that would not be the first time he’s gotten into trouble.

Michael Bay
Michael Bay

Megan Fox was the first to bring to light how, perhaps, Bay might not be the best person to hang out with. Killing and mistreatment of wild birds are illegal in Italy and that includes pigeons as well. Although, the director has been rigid and is not drifting away from his denial of the matter.

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Megan Fox Could Not Work With Michael Bay

Megan Fox‘s time with Michael Bay in Transformers had been far from pleasant. In fact, she despised working with him. He had sexualized her in the movie and her job has been to ‘only look sexy’. He guided her to be reduced to her outer looks and confirmed that she was only in the movie to be a commodity.

Megan Fox

“He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is.”

Fox was then removed from the franchise following these allegations. However, even during Pearl Harbor, Kate Beckinsale was body shamed by the director as he asked her to exercise and lose weight for the role. That was highly unprofessional because the actress has just been returning from childbirth and was very offended. In both these cases, Michael Bay had stated that he meant no harm. Although he also pointed out and commented on Kate Winslet’s looks in Titanic and how she wasn’t as overwhelming.

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Michael Bay Denies Killing The Pigeon In Italy

Michael Bay
Michael Bay

Initially when he had been accused of killing a pigeon in Italy, Michael Bay had simply denied these allegations. Now, however, he has started to respond to these allegations as he refuses to plead guilty and is adamant about the fact that he did not kill the bird. He even claimed that Bay had video proof of his entire time in the country. Not only that, but he also claimed to be an animal lover and activist. He even confirmed that he has never hurt an animal in his entire career.

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