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“It’s giving Brangelina vibes”: Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Get Close at CinemaCon as Fans Convinced Another Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Affair Brewing Up in Hollywood

With Glen Powell set to star alongside Sydney Sweeney for their upcoming rom-com under the direction of Will Gluck, the duo recently arrived at CinemaCon to promote their upcoming movie. Even though their upcoming movie Anyone But You has managed to garner immense buzz around it but not for the reasons the filmmakers and the actors would have hoped for.

Following the duo’s chemistry at the recent CinemaCon event and the news surrounding Gigi Paris unfollowing the Euphoria star on Instagram, fans believe that there might be something scandalous going around.

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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney

Glenn Powell and Gigi Paris’ relationship might be falling apart

After reportedly starting dating each other back in 2020, Gigi Paris and Glen Powell eventually confirmed their relationship in 2021 and Paris even supported Powell in his press tour for Top Gun: Maverick. However, it seems that things have taken a turn for the worse between Paris and Powell with many speculating that there has been a crack in their relationship. And following the recent news of Paris unfollowing Sweeney on Instagram, who is currently involved in a project with Powell, things don’t look good for the Top Gun: Maverick star’s relationship.

Although the exact situation of their relationship remains under wraps, following the current scenario of the whole thing, fans believe that they might witness another Brangelina situation here.

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Glen Powell and Gigi Paris
Glen Powell and Gigi Paris

Fans voiced their opinion on the situation surrounding Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney

Back in the early 2000s, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which involved Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at its forefront, garnered similar heat due to accusations surrounding Pitt’s alleged affair with Jolie on sets. Considering that Pitt was then married to Jennifer Aniston at the time, the actor’s alleged affair with Jolie at the time garnered immense controversies for both the film and the actors involved. As a result, Aniston and Pitt eventually parted ways and Pitt and Jolie would later tie the knot in 2014 before eventually divorcing in 2019.

And following the recent scenario of the Anyone But You stars’ increasing chemistry and Paris unfollowing the Euphoria star, fans have been voicing their viewpoints on the sensitive matter. Several fans have now expressed their thoughts regarding the matter through Twitter, with many assured that the Top Gun: Maverick Star might be involved in an alleged affair with his costar.






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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney

Although there is no substantial weight behind these speculations, considering the nature of celebrity relationships, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness if things eventually fall out between Powell and Paris.

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