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Fans Think Megan Fox May Lose Her Kids After ‘Psychedelic Trip’ With Machine Gun Kelly

Many people have recently commented on the fact that they rarely seem to be sober

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been giving fans lots to talk about over the past several months. They’ve been inundating fans with an abundance of PDA, and many people have recently commented on the fact that they rarely seem to be sober in any of the images that they share on social media.

Megan Fox’s parenting qualifications have been doubted in the past, but after recent revelations of a drug-induced hallucination with Machine Gun Kelly, fans think she is about to lose custody of her children altogether.

Megan & MGK’s Questionable Habits

Fans have long suspected that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are on an unnatural high when they’re together. Recently, Megan described a hallucination she experienced while dabbling with substances alongside Machine Gun Kelly, and the rumors have been confirmed.

While many chalked this up to being part of their celebrity lifestyle, the depiction of this hallucination is proving to be too much for some fans.

Megan revealed that she and MGK went on a psychedelic drug trip and that they “went to hell for eternity.” During their vacation in Costa Rica, Megan says that they went into the jungle with indigenous people and limited their food intake to ensure the maximum experience. She says they then consumed the psychedelic tea known as ayahuasca and went on to describe how she truly experienced hell.

She told the press; “It was incredibly intense. The second night, I went to hell for eternity. And just knowing eternity is torture in itself because there was no beginning, middle or end. So you have a real ego death.”

That proved to be too much for fans, that see this as being a stark contrast from the motherly role she needs to fill for the sake of her children. Many don’t feel she is so out of control that she may lose custody of her kids if she keeps up with this behavior.

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Fans Think Megan Will Lose Custody Soon

Fans don’t think this sort of behavior is acceptable, considering Megan needs to set a better example for her children. Many don’t think she will have access to her kids for much longer at all and are sharing this sentiment online.

Fan comments on this matter include; “If it wasn’t a celebrity, people would be encouraged to call CPS 😮,” “Maybe she can share that story with her 3 kids 🤦‍♀️,” and “Not much of a positive example for her kids.”

Others have said; “she is not a responsible parent,” “take her kids away,” and “she will lose custody soon,” as well as, “Brian Austin Green should have custody taken from her, this is not a good mother.”

One fan weighed in to say; “this is the year Megan Fox loses her children, for sure.”

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