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Instagram Reacts To Megan Fox & Adriana Lima Flirting

Move on Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox has her heart set on a gorgeous supermodel!

Is Megan Fox serious, or is this just innocent, harmless flirting? The Jennifer’s Body actress publicly asked Brazilian model Adriana Lima out on a date and Instagram users are pretty livid about it!

The actress has been in a relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly ever since meeting him on the sets of their upcoming film Midnight in the Switchgrassbut expressed her interest in the supermodel recently.

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Megan And Adriana Are Lookalikes!

Megan Fox and Adriana Lima share the same make-up artist, Patrick Ta, and the supermodel can’t get over how similar they look.

On July 11, Lima shared a photo of the uncanny resemblance between herself and Fox, after their glam sessions with Ta. Adriana also asked the actress to consider her if she ever needed a body double in one of her movies!

“@meganfox if you ever need a body double in one of your movies, hit me up. my only request is…. We share the same makeup artist @patrickta” Lima wrote in the caption.

To everyone’s surprise, Fox replied to the post in the most playful and flirty manner ever!

“But what if I need a girlfriend … can I hit you up for that as well?” the 35-year-old actress wrote.

“Patrick can still be involved somehow. He can do our makeup when I take you to Nobu” she continued.

Megan Fox, who is openly bisexual, previously revealed she was crushing hard on Olivia Wilde. It appears that she has her eyes set on Lima what does this mean for Machine Gun Kelly?

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel took no time in accepting Fox’s request for a date.

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“It’s a date see you tonight at Nobu” she wrote in response.

Fans are calling Fox’s flirty messages “innocent” because she is in a serious relationship with MGK, who is her soulmate. The couple confirmed their relationship last spring, but Fox knew there was a “magical connection” between them, even though they had worked together for only two days!

It was a classic case of “if you know, you know” for Megan and MGK, and fans are sure that they’re going to be Hollywood’s “it couple” for a while!

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