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“She shouldn’t be allowed to write without Snyder”: Patty Jenkins Finishing Wonder Woman 3 Script Riles Up Fans, Claim Gal Gadot Deserves Zack Snyder’s Script to Prevent WW84 Atrocity

Almost a year ago, Patty Jenkins revealed that she started working on the script of Wonder Woman 3. The threequel was announced in 2020. and now the director of the franchise, Patty Jenkins, has given a new update on the threequel. The 2017 Wonder Woman was a blockbuster and a critical favorite. People loved the story of the Amazonian princess. All the praise the 2017 film received led the studio to sign Jenkins for a sequel. 

Gal Gadot as Wonde Woman in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984

The sequel Wonder Woman 1984, was planned to be released in 2019 but due to the pandemic, it was later released in December 2020. The film, just like earlier DC films, was released on HBO Max and in limited theatres. However, fans were disappointed with the film. 

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Patty Jenkins Finished Writing Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 1984 may not have received the best response from fans, but the film still bagged a lot of new subscribers for HBO Max and was quite a hit. And as Patty Jenkins had already announced that she would be working on the threequel for the franchise, it was confirmed that whether fans like it or not, there will be a threequel to the movie.

Now in recent developments, Patty Jenkins has announced that she has finished writing the final scene of the movie. While attending the Matera Film Festival in Italy, the filmmaker revealed that she had finished the script of Wonder Woman 3.

Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins

Not just the threequel the director also hinted at a fourth movie in line, as she says that she is still thinking about what may happen after Wonder WomanShe said, “But even now, I just wrote last week the final scene of Wonder Woman 3, and I thought I might be interested to see what happens next. So, you’ll never know.” 

Not many details about the upcoming film are available, but fans will surely see Gal Gadot back in Wonder Woman 3.

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Fans Want Zack Snyder Back for Wonder Woman 3 

After getting disappointed with the 202 sequels, fans don’t want Patty Jenkins to do everything on her own in Wonder Woman 3. After Wonder Woman 1984, fans are asking to bring back Zack Snyder for the threequel as well.

They have started claiming that Jenkins would turn the threequel into a disaster as well, so they do not want her to direct the film on her own.





Fans are sure that if Snyder would have been there like the 2017 Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1984 would have been great, and that is why they want him to return for the threequel. One of the fans even said that Jenkins is Taila Waititi for the DCEU. 

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Lynda Carter Can Return for Wonder Woman 3

Not many plot details are available about the upcoming film. However, there is a possibility that Lynda Carter may appear in Wonder Woman 3. The actress played Wonder Woman in the 1970s television series and was seen in the post-credit scene of Wonder Woman 1984 as Asteria.

Lynda Carter has been confirmed to return in Wonder Woman 3.
Lynda Carter has been confirmed to return in Wonder Woman 3.

Asteria is an ancient legend in the world of men so that her Amazon sisters can escape the island of Themyscira. Wonder Woman 3 is expected to be set in the present world following the events of the Justice League

The studio has not announced a release date for the film. It is expected to start filming in 2023 and is expected to release sometime in 2024. The only DC Film to be released in 2024, as of now, is Joker: Folie à Deux, which is set to release on 4 October 2024. 

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