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How Gal Gadot returns in Fast X? Gisele’s Resurrection explained

Fast X brings yet another character back to the land of the living with Gal Gadot. This has become a franchise that has two commonalities. One, a lot of big-name, familiar actors get excited to join Vin Diesel’s crew of car flyers with every new outing. Two, fans always get excited to see who comes back from the dead or just generally return after going on a break.

Letty was seemingly killed in Fast & Furious and remained absent in Fast Five. Then she became a regular since Fast & Furious 6. But more importantly, Han died in a car crash but came back in F9. So now, it was just Gal Gadot who was left. She had already teased the possibility of being back as Gisele, and now it has happened.

Disclaimer: The following article carries spoilers for Fast X.

Fast X’s huge Gal Gadot surprise explained

Gal Gadot’s Gisele Yashar in Fast X (Image via Universal)
Gal Gadot’s Gisele Yashar in Fast X (Image via Universal)

While most fans were extremely shocked to see Gal Gadot in Fast X, there were many who were eagerly waiting for her cameo. It happened at the very end, as right before the credits began to roll, the Wonder Woman star returned as Gisele Yashar in a submarine all the way across the world in Antarctica.

While Dom, Little B, and the rest of the crew try to survive in Portugal, the likes of Letty and Cipher team up to break out of the Agency’s prison in Antarctica. Just as Letty began to question the methods of her former enemy from The Fate of the Furious, the latter gave her reassurance that she had a plan. At that very moment, viewers witnessed Gal Gadot’s cameo as she came out of a submarine.

But at the same time, her return also made everyone question where she had been all this time because Fast & Furious 6 clearly made it seem that she died on that runway while trying to save Han.

How did Gisele survive?


Seeing Gisele alive in Fast X, it becomes a bit nonsensical that Dom and the team didn’t go back on the runway to check whether she was alive or not. It’s almost like she just jumped back while shooting at Owen Shaw’s henchman and disappeared into darkness for a decade, only to show up after a long time in Antarctica.

Out of every death reversal that the Fast franchise has pulled off till now, hers was the easiest. If Han was brought back after a car explosion, it almost seemed that Gisele was also destined to be brought back. After all, she only fell on the runway off of a fast-moving plane (technically a car), compared to Han’s lethal car explosion.

The same thing happened with Owen Shaw, and most people would argue that he fell with an even greater impact. But the next thing we saw, he was lying in a coma in Furious 7 and alive. So, it’s more or less obvious that Gisele would be alive and only get a few injuries from her fall. However, the right questions to ask are: Who helped her? Where has she been? Why didn’t she reunite with Dom and the rest?

Where was Gisele until now?

Did Mr. Nobody keep Gal Gadot’s Gisele alive? (Image via Universal)
Did Mr. Nobody keep Gal Gadot’s Gisele alive? (Image via Universal)

Fast X sort of implies that Gal Gadot’s character has been in contact with Cipher all this time. Maybe Cipher was the one who caught up to her (after all, she employed Owen Shaw to get Nightshade in the first place). But that would unnecessarily make Gisele an accomplice to Cipher’s evil doings in The Fate of the Furious. So, it’s likely that she only came into contact with Cipher after F9.

Before that, she could have been saved by a third party like the Agency. After all, Mr. Nobody made Han fake his death and stay hidden until F9. He could have done the same with Gisele even before employing Han. In fact, the submarine from which she emerged could also be housing Mr. Nobody.

If not that, then another possibility would be Eteon. Due to her injuries, Gisele could have been a part of Eteon’s superhuman experiments, and after the events of Hobbs & Shaw and F9, Cipher might have rescued her from their control. But the likelier scenario is still Mr. Nobody. We’ll know for sure when Fast 11 arrives in 2025.

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