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Disney Reportedly Planning to Replace Anne Hathaway With Zendaya in $300M Franchise

Anne Hathaway’s career-making franchise is all set to return for a third sequel, and surprisingly it might bring Zendaya into the foray with it. As people know, The Princess Diaries was confirmed to be returning with a third movie soon, and Hathaway’s original co-star Julie Andrews’ return is still shrouded in uncertainty.

Zendaya, American actress
Zendaya, American actress

However, the rumor mill has been going crazy these days with talks about Hollywood sweetheart Zendaya being brought in for the project to fill Andrews’ gap as a whole new character. Although it is not yet confirmed, according to an insider, things might just be moving forward on that front behind the scenes.

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Zendaya to turn into a Disney princess

Industry insider Daniel RPK claimed in his Patreon channel that the third installment of Princess Diaries will introduce Anne Hathaway‘s Mia Thermopolis as the Queen of Genovia. Now although it is still a mystery whether the ascension of the new Queen would mean a tragic end of the previous one, what can be said for sure is it surely opens up a new position for a princess. And according to RPK, this new character is expected to be biracial.

Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries
Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries

As a result, Disney allegedly is looking into Zendaya for the role. It should be mentioned that Zendaya’s career started with Disney years back. However, it is still unknown if there have been any talks about this among the parties involved already. Incidentally, an alleged Disney+ spin-off of the franchise was planned some years back and was expected to center around Mia Thermopolis’ half-sister, a character yet unintroduced in the movies.

Zendaya in Dune Part One
Zendaya in Dune: Part One

As a result, it is hard to say if the movie will pull some materials from the shelves spin-off or if Zendaya truly would feature in the movie as no official confirmations have yet been made. The only thing yet confirmed about it is Aadrita Mukherji writing the screenplay, and with Garry Marshall’s death, a search for a new director to take the project under their wings is underway.

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Zendaya’s vibrant Hollywood career

As mentioned, Zendaya started her career in Disney’s Shake It Up in 2010. Thankfully after that, she never had to look back. Not only has she made a terrific place for herself through working in some of the biggest franchises like Spider-Man, and Dune but she also debuted as an executive producer for the Emmy Award-winning show Euphoria.

Zendaya in Euphoria
Zendaya in Euphoria

With back-to-back hits in her bag, she is currently one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. With the sports drama Challengers, and Dune 2 releasing later this year, which is expected to center around her character Chani, she has a lot going on for her these days. Not only that, Euphoria too is about to start filming for a third season soon.

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As a result, if she indeed does end up starring in the third movie of The Princess Diaries franchise, Zendaya’s career would reach a new peak in Hollywood. Obviously, fans are extremely excited to see her returning to her roots in Disney, in a whole new princess avatar. Although only time will tell if the rumor and their hopes will come to fruition, it is certain that the actress surely is not lacking in future projects for now.

Both The Princess Diaries movies are available for streaming on Disney+.

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