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10 Fast & Furious 11 Theories That Would Beat The Rock & Gal Gadot’s Fast X Returns

Gisele and Hobbs’ returns in Fast X were surprising, but Fast & Furious 11 can be even more shocking if some of these Fast Saga theories become true.

Gal Gadot and The Rock’s returns in Fast X were surprising, but Fast & Furious11 can be even more shocking if a few popular theories become true. Fast X, the beginning of the end of the Fast Saga, was expected to have the largest ensemble cast in the franchise yet. Not only was Fast X’s ensemble set of characters impressive, but the film also brought two major names back at the end – Gisele and Hobbs.

While Dwayne Johnson’s return to Fast & Furious had been reported before Fast X premiered, Gal Gadot’s return as Gisele in Fast X was a big reveal. Gisele was not dead after all, another example of how anything is possible in the Fast Saga. Here are 10 Fast & Furious 11 theories that would beat anything Fast X did.

10Brian Has A Substantial Role In Fast & Furious 11

Custom image of Paul Walker as Brian in Furious 7 and Vin Diesel as Dom in Fast X.

Since Paul Walker passed away, Fast & Furious has avoided bringing the character back. The Fate of the FuriousF9, and Fast X all established that Brian was okay and taking care of his family. However, given that Mia joined the action in both F9 and Fast X, Brian’s absence is becoming more and more noticeable. With Dante Reyes tracking down everyone Dom loves and threatening Toretto’s family, it is difficult to imagine that Brian would not show up to help his friends. As such, Brian, now created using face replacement and deep-fake techniques, could have an extended role in Fast 11.

9Dominic Toretto’s Father Is Alive

Dominic toretto Jakob and Mia

Fast & Furious is about family, meaning that the saga’s biggest plot twist would be revealing that Toretto’s father is alive. Jack Toretto’s death is what set the events of Fast & Furious in motion, as it directly caused Dom’s first arrest. Retroactively, Jack Toretto’s death was also the reason why Jakob grew up away from Dom and Mia. Fast & Furious has brought almost every dead character back at this point, which is why no death retcon is too far-fetched for the Fast Saga. A “Dom’s father is alive” twist would fit the tone of the franchise and set up a dramatic Fast & Furious finally, especially if he returns as a villain

8Ryan Reynolds’ Hobbs & Shaw Character Returns In Fast 11

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in Hobbs and Shaw

Ryan Reynolds was one of many surprising Hobbs & Shaw cameos. Reynolds briefly appeared in the Fast & Furious spinoff as Victor Locke, a CIA agent who briefs Hobbs on a secret mission. Not only is Ryan Reynolds friends with Dwayne Johson, but David Leitch, who directed Hobbs & Shaw, had previously directed Deadpool 2. As such, Reynolds’ cameo in Hobbs & Shaw was not necessarily meant to be the introduction of a new character in the franchise. Still, what started as a fun cameo could become something bigger if Ryan Reynolds appears in Fast & Furious 11. Now that both Jason Statham’s Shaw and Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs are back, Reynolds’ Victor Locke could show up too.

7Kevin Hart’s Hobbs & Shaw Character Appears In Fast 11

Kevin Hart as Agent Dinkley on a plane in Hobbs and Shaw

Kevin Hart’s cameo in Hobbs & Shaw was similar to Ryan Reynolds’ appearance. Hart and Johnson have been friends for years and appeared in several movies together. Kevin Hart played Dinkley in Hobbs & Shawn, a Federal Air Marshal who gets involved with Hobbs and Shaw’s mission. Similar to Reynolds’ Victor Locke, Hart’s Marshal Dinkley was very much a plot device made more interesting by the surprising cameo.

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Considering that there are no announced plans for Hobbs & Shaw 2 to happen, the upcoming Fast & Furious 11 is the perfect film to make both Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart truly part of the Fast Saga. Both actors could also return in The Rock’s new Fast & Furious spinoff, but a role in Fast & Furious11 is what would really make those two characters feel part of the Fast & Furious franchise.

6Dominic Toretto Dies In Fast & Furious 11

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto in Fast X.

If Fast & Furious 11 really wants to shock audiences, killing off Toretto would do the trick. Of course, Dominic Toretto dying in Fast & Furious 11 sounds very unlikely, which shows just how big of a twist it would be. It is still unclear how many more Fast & Furious movies there will be, as Vin Diesel has teased Fast & Furious 12 despite the lack of an official announcement. Dominic Toretto’s death in Fast & Furious 11 would not make sense if there was still another movie on the way. However, if Fast X’s sequel is the end as originally announced, Fast & Furious could wrap up the saga with Dom’s death.

5Vin Diesel’s Toretto & The Rock’s Hobbs Have Another Fight

Toretto vs Hobbs in Fast Five, Hobbs in Furious 7

The Rock’s Hobbs has been away from Fast & Furious for almost two movies now, as Hobbs only appeared in Fast X’s post-credits scene. Dwayne Johnson’s return to Fast & Furious is already big news, yet Hobbs’ comeback could become even better if there were to be a fight between The Rock’s character and Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. While Dom and Hobbs have been fighting side by side since Fast Five’s ending, there has always been a bit of tension between the two characters. A Dom vs. Hobbs rematch would be a fantastic moment, even if happens over a misunderstanding. A fight between Johnson and Diesel’s character would also be quite meta.

4Dante Reyes Kills Hobbs In Fast & Furious 11

Jason Momoa's Dante Reyes in Fast X and Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs in Fast Five

Dante Reyes’ plan in Fast X targeted Dominic Toretto. However, Luke Hobbs is the one who really killed Dante’s father. Dominic Toretto may have led the mission that ended with Hernan Reyes’ death, but it was Hobbs who pulled the trigger. Fast X’s post-credits scene means that Dante’s revenge will finally make sense in Fast & Furious 11. Dante is aware that Hobbs is the man who killed his father and is coming for him. With Fast & Furious approaching its ending, Dante could kill Hobbs in what would be a major twist. The Rock’s new Fast & Furious spinoff makes this theory very unlikely, unless it is a prequel.

3Fast & Furious 11 Ends On Another Cliffhanger

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes in Fast X

Fast X ends on a cliffhanger, which was expected given that Fast & Furious 11 was originally announced as the final Fast & Furious film. However, if there is to be a Fast & Furious 12, Fast 11 could copy its predecessor and end on a cliffhanger too. Dividing a finale into three parts is tricky, and it risks making Fast & Furious’ ending very complicated. Still, if done right, a Fast & Furious 11 cliffhanger can tie into the actual Fast Saga finale. Instead of a “what happened to them?” scenario as Fast X’s ending did, Fast 11 could end with the heroes losing.

2Fast & Furious 11 Will Feature Time Travel

Dom and Brian sitting on a car with their friends in The Fast and the Furious

After Fast & Furious went to space in F9, there is nothing too far-fetched for the saga. Fast & Furious is often criticized for just how absurd the saga became, going from road heists to piloting cars in space. Still, most of the more absurd Fast & Furious theories never really happened. Time travel, for example. If Fast & Furious were to make the time travel theory a reality, Fast & Furious 11 would be the right film to do it.

Similar to Avengers: Endgame, the next Fast & Furious film could see Dominic Toretto’s family revisiting their past, thus celebrating Fast Saga’s history before its conclusion. Time travel in Fast & Furious 11 is absurd as it is unlikely, yet it cannot be ruled out. In a saga where super hacking programs and highly advanced car gadget exists, time travel could exist too.

1Fast & Furious 11 Crossovers With Another Franchise

Dominic toretto Fast and furious crossover Jurassic Park World

The most impactful Fast & Furious 11 theory is that the Fast Saga takes place in the same universe as another major pop culture franchise. One of the common Fast & Furious memes about how absurd the franchise has become is that Dominic Toretto’s family will one day meet the Transformers or fight Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs. Similar to the time travel theory, Fast & Furious crossing over with another franchise after Fast X seems very unlikely but cannot be ruled out. For example, both the Fast & Furious and Jurassic World franchises are produced by Universal. The Fast Saga is ending, and Fast & Furious’ future could now lie in crossovers with another franchise.

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