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“9th Choice” Anne Hathaway Only Got Her Role in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Because Marvel Star Refused the Offer Three Times: “She was determined not to do it”

The Devil Wears Prada was released in 2006 and is deemed one of the classic movies of Hollywood. The talented and gorgeous duo, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway brought the characters to life with their fabulous acting. The movie was a massive hit at the box office, and is among the few women-dominated movies that have done exceptionally well on the big screen.

Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway
Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway

It has been almost two decades since The Devil Wears Prada was first released on the big screen, and it still holds up nearly 16 years later. Anne Hathaway, who played the parallel lead in the movie, received a major career boost after starring in it.

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Anne Hathaway on being the 9th Choice for the movie

The Love & Other Drugs fame shared in a video that she fell in love with the script of The Devil Wears Prada as soon as she read it. However, Hathaway was not the first choice of the director for the role.

Director David Frankel once told Entertainment Weekly that he had pitched the role three times to Marvel star Rachel McAdams, but she was adamant about not taking it up.

“We started negotiating with Annie to make a deal, and that didn’t go well with the studio.… We offered it to Rachel McAdams three times. The studio was determined to have her, and she was determined not to do it.”

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

As per reports, the actresses Claire Danes and Juliette Lewis were also approached for the part. Finally, after a lot of looking around, Anne Hathaway eventually landed the iconic role of Andy Sachs. Hathaway once revealed on RuPaul’s Drag Race,

“I was the ninth choice for The Devil Wears Prada.” 

According to Hathaway, the role was the most difficult for her to be roped in, however, she felt she was the perfect choice for the character.

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Did Anne Hathaway plead for a Devil Wears Prada sequel?

The comedy-drama movie was a critical and financial success. Meryl Streep felt that the film’s success enabled a huge change in the film industry, regarding movies comprising mostly female cast. Owing to the tremendous success of the movie, there were talks about a potential sequel. However, the filmmakers felt it was better as a standalone picture, as everything was told in the movie.

However, Anne Hathaway was persistent about the sequel and called executives at Fox to work on the script. She shared in an interview with MTV News,

“I remember calling them after the fervor had died out in America, and Meryl Streep and I were on a press tour in Europe. I was having such a fun time talking about it all that I called up the executives at Fox who had championed it and I said, ‘Can we just come up with a story please?’ And they said ‘We’re working on it,’”

In a recent interview with The ViewThe Intern actress shared that in the present era, it would be difficult to make a sequel to her classic hit The Devil Wears PradaThe actress said,

“I just think that movie was in a different era. Now everything’s gone so digital and that movie is centered around the concept of producing a physical thing, and it’s just, it’s just very different.”

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

Hathaway also revealed that the characters in the movie have stayed on her mind over the years, which makes the idea of revisiting that world quite attractive.

The movie offers a glimpse of the fashion world as a young girl becomes an assistant to one of the top-most magazine editors in the city, a ruthless and cynical woman named Miranda Priestly.

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