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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot shares a first look at her stunning walk-in wardrobe

The actress rarely posts photos of her home

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has joined a slew of celebrities who have taken to self-isolating amid the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Everyone from Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid to Ronan Keating have decided to stay within the safety of their homes while the pandemic continues, and Gal Gadot is the latest to share her decision. “Staying home is my super power,” she said on Instagram. “And yours! Please everyone take care of yourself, your loved ones and us all. This situation should not be taken lightly. The sooner we all stay home and keep ourselves from catching this very contagious virus, the sooner we can go back to our lives without losing lives #WeAreAllOne.”

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Gal Gadot revealed a look at her walk-in wardrobe

Besides her announcement, Gal’s post also gave us a look at her walk-in wardrobe for the first time, and it is every bit as impressive as you’d expect. It looks as though it’s formed of two rooms with wardrobes, drawers and shelves lining every wall, and a wall of full-length mirrors in which Gal took her selfie. The back room also looks a little more organised than the one she stands in, with colour coordinated T-shirts and trousers.

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As for the décor, Gal’s walk-in wardrobe features a muted colour scheme with beige walls and cupboards and wooden floors with a beige rug. In fact, a neutral walk-in wardrobe seems to be the go-to for most celebrities: Khloe Kardashian, Ferne McCann and Jenna Dewan all have one.

Gal had been working on Dwayne Johnson’s Netflix movie Red Notice before her decision to stay home, but production has been suspended due to the coronavirus. Dwayne said: “We really appreciate all your hard work and your patience during this time, but you know my number one goal for you guys – and it’s our number one goal too – is that we’re gonna get everybody home to their families. Because really that’s where they need to be right now.”

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