Bella Hadid Has A Phone Number You Can Call For Daily Mantras

If you scroll through Bella Hadid’s Instagram feed, or perhaps listen to her speak in an interview, you’ll notice how spiritual she truly is. What’s more, the youngest Hadid sister uses her platform as one of the most sought-after faces within the modeling industry for some serious good, advocating for her fellow Palestinians (along with any group of people dealing with hardship), and begging those who are listening to connect through love, never hate.

Earlier in 2023, she shared via Instagram that she had officially gone five months without a single sip of alcohol — and looking as radiant as ever, might I add. In turn, Hadid made it crystal clear that she has been living that high-vibrational life with every new launch from Kin Euphorics — the feel-good, non-alcoholic beverage brand she serves as co-founder of.

Now her buzzy beverage company has partnered with The Mayfair Group — the company that created those viral sweatshirts emblazoned with the word “Empathy” you’ve seen on your TikTok feed — to launch not only a cozy crewneck filled with angelic mantras and art, but also a phone line that anyone can call to receive some affirmations based on your specific needs (and spoken by Bella Hadid herself).

Below, Hadid shares more with Bustle about the newfound partnership.

Bella Hadid's Kin Euphorics has partnered with The Mayfair Group for a limited edition clothing line...
Kin Euphorics

Why did you decide to partner with The Mayfair Group on this collaboration for Kin?

As a fan of The Mayfair Group myself, I reached out to them with the idea to co-create a crewneck, and the end result surpassed my wildest expectations. I’m so glad we were able to partner with them and continue our shared goals of spreading joy, positive energy and healing for ourselves and others.

The affirmations we created came straight from my heart. I hope they inspire you to spread kindness and be someone’s angel today.

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